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When looking at the components of what makes up an LED display, we can look specifically at an LED (or light-emitting diode).

Hands down, it’s obviously the most important piece of what makes up an LED display — without it, well, the display wouldn’t exist.

When it comes to outdoor LEDs, Firefly LED utilizes the world’s best product — Nichia. So who are they? And why is it so great? In this mini-series we’re calling the Firefly LED difference, we take a deeper look into Nichia diodes used in our outdoor LED panels.

Who is Nichia?

Nichia was formed in 1956, originating as a company who was developing in the chemical industry. By 1970, Nichia became a producer of phosphors for color TVs, and in 1993 they developed the world’s first blue LED.

Today, Nichia’s LEDs are used in various places around the world such as advertising displays in big cities, information boards in transportation facilities, world famous concerts, and electric scoreboards in stadiums.

As a multi-time winner of the Top 100 Global Innovator list, Nichia has become the world-leader in the best diodes on the LED market.

Why we use Nichia diodes

As a company who strives to provide our customers with only the best quality LED displays, we have a high trust in Nichia. They have proven they are committed and will continue to pursue higher luminosity, lower power consumption, higher resolution, and higher visibility for LEDs. The pure level of quality and advancements in technology in their products are top reasons why we use Nichia.

It’s clear they will develop products to further improve large-scale displays, which is comforting to know that when you buy an outdoor LED video wall from Firefly LED, it will contain only the best light-emitting diodes possible.

Stay tuned for the next post in our mini-blog series: the Firefly LED difference.

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