3 Reasons Every School Should Use LED Signage

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Are you a higher-education university, private school, or other institution looking for ways to improve your students’ experience on campus? LED signage can be a great avenue to explore, and could even help you generate revenue.

From in-class displays for learning, to larger, outdoor displays for information and news, there are various ways you can implement LED throughout your campus.

But why is LED something you should consider? There are many benefits, however we’ll cover the top 3 advantages that we feel make the biggest impact.

Easier distribution of information

If you have a large school or institution, with thousands of students on campus at any given time, it can be difficult to push out news and important announcements that can be seen by many.

With a large-scale outdoor LED display, you can create an eye-catching focal point to utilize for this specific purpose.

Have an upcoming game? Important speaker event? Holiday closure announcements? You name it, you can use an LED sign to help push out whatever it is that’s most important for students to know.

With an LED display, you can also use its paired technology to push out new messaging in minutes. This can be important for urgent or time-sensitive information.

Additionally, you can get creative by placing custom LED signage in various areas across campus, such as: the library, the gym, art gallery, and other common areas like a cafeteria or staff rooms. Treat each space as it’s own to broadcast different information that pertains to that area — like exam dates, student work, social media feeds from around campus, and more.

Utilize modern-day technology

It’s 2022, and more than likely, 99% of your students are using technology in some form (or multiple forms) or another — their smart phone, iPads, laptops, etc. So why wouldn’t you then introduce this same modern-day technology into their every day learning?

In today’s generation, technology is a part of our social lives, and under-utilizing it can definitely be hindering the experience of your students. They spend hours a day staring at a screen elsewhere, so taking advantage of how they are already consuming content is key.

Introduce an LED screen, like our E Series, in your lecture rooms for an enhanced, more engaging learning environment. With options like a 4k resolution and Android or Windows operating systems, this LED screen can be an easy introduction and transition into your routine.

Revenue generating

Compared to static, non-digital signage, LED displays can be more cost-effective when it comes to impressions. Being able to quickly and easily update a digital sign on your own helps you take advantage of evolving updates and information, without added costs.

Plus, LED signage has a long lifespan that will always look great indoors, outdoors, and no matter the environment.

Now that we know how cost-effective it is, you should understand also that having digital signage can also generate revenue. Many businesses and companies will pay to promote their service or products on your display. If your students and demographic are exactly who they are targeting, it’s a no brainer for a business to invest in digital advertising at your institution.

Over time, you can prove the effectiveness and exposure to really generate some nice revenue and pay off the cost of your LED screen in no time.

Introduce LED signage at your campus today

Are you convinced that you’d like to try out LED at your institution? Here at Firefly LED, we are experts at helping you find the right LED panel so you can maximize your use and investment. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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