Ways to Partner with Firefly LED in 2023

Are you in a position that you need reliable, quality LED display products? If you’re an AV Integrator, Architecture firm, or another dealer, Firefly LED would love to work with you! So what exactly does that look like, and how can we help? Let’s explain. As an AV Integrator AV integrators, also known as audio-visual … Read more

5 Statistics That Show Digital Signage Works

If you’ve ever doubted that digital signage is worth the investment, think again. Today, digital technology is growing still at a rapid pace. From AI copywriting, to autonomous cars, there is no signs of technology advancements slowing down any time soon. Because of this constant evolution, adapting your business into utilizing technology should be a … Read more

7 Things to Look For in an Outdoor LED Display

If you’re looking to purchase an outdoor LED display, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Outdoor displays come in many shapes, sizes and prices. But what should you look for? Things like quality, distance, size, outdoor elements — all factors you need to consider. We’ve put together this list of 7 things … Read more

What is a LED Sending Controller?

sending controller for led display

You may have heard about sending controllers — whether you’re looking into investing in LED video walls, or maybe online. But you aren’t exactly sure what a sending controller is and what it’s used for? We’ll go over the basics, and highlight a few different ones we utilize here at Firefly LED. What is a Sending … Read more

3 Reasons Every School Should Use LED Signage

Firefly LED - benefits of using LED signage in education

Are you a higher-education university, private school, or other institution looking for ways to improve your students’ experience on campus? LED signage can be a great avenue to explore, and could even help you generate revenue. From in-class displays for learning, to larger, outdoor displays for information and news, there are various ways you can … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Outdoor LED Displays

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - O Series Application

With Spring upon us, and the rising temperatures bringing us gathering outdoors more, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore an outdoor LED display for your business. Never underestimate the effectiveness of what an LED display can do for you, no matter what scale or size of screen. However, it’s important to ensure you are utilizing … Read more

The Firefly LED Difference: Nichia Diodes

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - O Series Feature

When looking at the components of what makes up an LED display, we can look specifically at an LED (or light-emitting diode). Hands down, it’s obviously the most important piece of what makes up an LED display — without it, well, the display wouldn’t exist. When it comes to outdoor LEDs, Firefly LED utilizes the … Read more

The Firefly LED Difference: Flip-Chip

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - A Series Feature

In an industry where there are dozens of LED suppliers, it’s important to know the difference in good LED displays and excellent LED displays. Just like buying a TV, where you might think that LG, Sony and Samsung are some of the best brands, but RCA, Westinghouse and Hisense aren’t. There’s multiple factors that go … Read more

The Do’s & Don’ts of Indoor LED Displays

With the cold, winter months upon us, it’s important to take advantage of indoor LED displays. Capturing your customer’s attention in new and inviting ways with LED isn’t as easy as installing a new display — you’ve got to ensure you’ve got all the right pieces in place to use your LED display to it’s … Read more

How to Use Our LED Screen Builder

Firefly LED - LED Display, Panels, Video Screen

If you haven’t already checked it out, we have an intuitive LED screen builder on our website that allows you to build your very own screen. To some, it may seem overwhelming or confusing, so we’ll walk you through how to use it so you can take full advantage. Let’s dive in! Step 1: Series, … Read more