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Illuminating the LED Experience

Firefly LED was formed with one simple goal in mind: to revolutionize the LED screen experience by changing the way the industry does business. 

Build Your Screen & Get an Instant Estimate

We’ve built a custom LED screen builder that allows you to select your Series, pixel pitch and input your screen size, and instantly generates your specs, plus an estimated cost. There’s no limit to how much you can use it, so what are you waiting for? 

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The Firefly LED Difference

With our expert knowledge and valuable resources, we are able to partner exclusively with manufacturers to provide the luxury of high quality LED display technology to the masses without breaking the bank. Whether you are an end user or a Firefly LED partner we are here to serve you.

State of the Art Technology

When it comes to LED video walls, you will not find the quality of products with the features and technology we offer.

Intuitive LED Screen Builder

Utilize our LED Screen Builder to play with different specs and sizes, and get instant pricing for your custom display.

LED Industry Experts

With over 20+ years of experience, the team at Firefly LED is immersed in the industry to help you maximize your experience.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Custom LED Display Solutions

Have a unique idea for an LED display? Fear not, as there is virtually no creation we can’t bring to life for you. If you are looking to do a custom curvature, digital letters or shapes, we can manufacture it for you. We will help guide you through the design/build process to ensure your vision is realized to the fullest expectations. 

Indoor LED Displays

We offer a variety of indoor LED video solutions perfect for architectural elements, retail, houses of worship, financial institutions, high traffic areas, and more. Create a “wow” factor from our premium A Series line, or go for our more economical B Series. If you need mobility our M Series, and even a transparent solution ideal for window applications, our C Series.  

Outdoor LED Displays

Our outdoor LED video solutions are perfect for digital signage, architectural design, LED scoreboards, venues, and anywhere you need to add a digital element for advertising, information/safety purposes, or to enhance a space. Our outdoor LED products are purpose built to handle the elements and/or conditions they might face. We utilize Nichia LED diodes, and other industry leading components to ensure you get a LED display that lasts. 

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Corporate LED Displays

Are you looking to elevate your corporate lobby to invite guests and offer an unforgettable entrance? LED video walls can help you achieve that, just like we did for Lowe’s corporate headquarters out of Charlotte, NC.


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Lightning Series

The Lightning Series offers a striking presence in a compact, sleek design, ideal for various outdoor applications including retail, wayfinding, and trade shows. Versatile and dynamic, it ensures your message stands out with clarity and impact.


A Series: Prices Slashed!

We’re slashing our prices by nearly 50% on the A Series panel — our top of the line Indoor LED display. Build your screen to see the new pricing instantly!

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