LED Solutions for Events & Entertainment

Events & Entertainment Overview

LED displays are transforming the events and entertainment industry. Whether it’s a concert, festival, or theater production, these LED displays offer vibrant visuals and dynamic content that capture audiences. 

Our LED displays are versatile and can be customized to fit any venue or event size. From large outdoor stages to intimate indoor settings, they provide a reliable solution for all your visual needs. They are easy to set up and operate, making them a practical choice for event organizers.

With Firefly LED, you get more than just screens. You gain a partner dedicated to enhancing your audience’s experience. Our displays are designed to deliver outstanding performance, helping you create memorable events that stand out.


Dynamic Backdrops for Unforgettable Performances

Our LED displays bring dynamic motion graphics to life, creating a captivating visual experience that complements the music and vibe. In this setting, the LED backdrop isn’t just a screen—it’s an integral part of the performance. The vibrant visuals move in sync with the beats, enhancing the atmosphere and keeping the audience engaged.

These displays are designed to adapt to any venue size, making them perfect for intimate settings where every detail matters. They offer high-resolution visuals that remain clear and impactful, even in close quarters.

Curved Displays & More

Our curved LED displays offer a panoramic view, enhancing the depth and dimension of any performance with stunning visuals that flow across the stage. This setup amplifies visual impact and ensures every seat has a perfect view.

If you have a large venue with grand performances, these displays provide high-definition clarity and vibrant colors from every angle — near and far. The curved design adds a unique architectural element, or we offer custom solutions in various shapes, sizes, and capabilities to meet your unique event needs.

Events & Entertainment LED Displays

OHD Series

The OHD Series is our high-resolution outdoor display panel perfect for clear, vibrant visuals in any weather.

Lightning Series

A standalone, compact LED display, the Lightning Series is ideal for wayfinding and advertisements.

M Series

Designed for mobile capabilities, the M Series offers easy setup and tear down for evolving venues.

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LED Solutions for Unforgettable Events

Explore the transformative potential of LED technology for events and entertainment with Firefly LED’s ultimate guide. This resource covers the essentials of LED displays, plus practical insights on leveraging LED technology to create immersive environments that captivate and engage audiences. Ideal for event planners, venues, or organizers, this guide offers valuable tips and tools for integrating dynamic LED displays for entertainment.

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Build Your Entertainment LED Display

Your ideas deserve to be displayed. Our unique Screen Builder application allows you to build out your venue LED display and see the actual final size and specifications. This is a great tool if you know what you are looking for, and want to simplify the purchasing process. 

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