Indoor LED Display

A Series

As a fine pitch display, it features the latest in LED manufacturing advancements, and this combined with the highest quality components available allows us to offer you one the most state of the art LED video products on the market. Looking to improve an office space? See how the A Series can be added to your board room display.

Key Features

A Series Highlights

Flip Chip Technology is the latest improvement in how LEDs are manufactured. Traditional LEDs utilize wires to bond the LED to the chip, whereas Flip Chip utilizes a wireless bonding process. This eliminates broken wires, which is one of the biggest fail points with SMD LED Technology. It allows for a more compact packaging process, which gives us the physical room to focus on heat dissipation, creating a brighter and more efficient LED. It also provides a much more reliable and stable product overall, making it the best option in the market today.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - A Series Feature

Our latest advancement in armor coating not only offers the extreme protection that you are used to from Firefly LED, but also features our patented matte black finish. This greatly reduces glare and provides the deepest blacks of any LED product line on the market. Every detail of your content is rendered with breathtaking depth and contrast.

Like many of our product lines, our A Series features Common Cathode Technology allowing us to deliver power in a much more efficient and precise manner. Each color with the LED diode requires varying levels of power, and with this breakthrough in power delivery we can manage each of them individually. This not only gives you a very efficient product, but also one of the coolest running products on the market with minimum heat due to wasted energy.

Seamlessly integrating the Receiving Card with our Hub Board, and power supply system, we have achieved an unprecedented level of performance and serviceability. Our entire A Series line utilizes the same components and module size offering expandability and the ability to easily upgrade your resolution in the future. It’s front accessible design makes servicing the A Series as easy as it gets.

With an in-house MicroLED manufacturing process that boasts enhanced individual LED color matching as well as individual module calibration, the color accuracy of the A Series MicroLED has never been so precise. The result is a stunning gain in color clarity that unlocks unparalleled versatility, empowering you to expand your content horizons like never before.

Build Your A Series LED Display

We’ve built a custom LED screen builder that allows you to build out your display and get the exact specs and price estimate, instantly

Specs from the A Series

A Series

Pixel Pitch
Panel Dimension (W×H×D)
1.97 x 1.10 x 0.19 ft / 600 x 337.5 x 58 mm
Panel Resolution (W×H)
Pixel Density
1,136,356 /m²
640,000 /m²
409,600 /m²
284,444 /m²
Panel Weight
Avg. Power Consumption
27 watts
25 watts
24 watts
22 watts
Max Power Consumption
81 watts
73 watts
71 watts
69 watts
≤ 800 nits
Refresh Rate
≤ 3840Hz
Scan Mode
Gray Scale
16 Bit
Contrast Ratio
≤ 3840Hz
Ingress Protection
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
Power Supply

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