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Indoor LED Display

M Series

With its robust features and premium-grade components, the M Series sets a new standard of excellence in the market. Perfectly suited for touring, trade shows, corporate events, and a myriad of other functions requiring a large indoor mobile display, it effortlessly combines portability with uncompromising quality.

Key Features

M Series Highlights

With virtual production on the rise, and green screens becoming a thing of the past, our M Series now has the capability to offer dynamic LED solutions for XR, TV and film production. This technology allows for more flexibility in creating interactive, life-like video environments, eliminating the need for on-location shoots and reducing post-production time — therefore saving you time and money. Inquire about how our M Series 2.6mm can elevate your production to new levels.

The M Series utilizes Common Cathode Technology. This is a much more efficient way of delivering power to the individual colors: Red, Green, and Blue. Each color has different voltage requirements, and with Common Cathode, we can control the amount of voltage that is delivered. This provides up to 75% energy savings, and allows us to achieve a much brighter display.

– Common Cathode Technology is not available on the 2.6mm (M2655I) panel

The M Series features ergonomic handles and an automatic locking system allowing an individual to easily assemble the display. The LED modules are front or rear serviceable, and the power/data box can be removed with one click. It features a patented structural frame with corner protection.

The M-Series allows you to create curved or even circular LED Displays. The Radian Connector can adjust between ±6°, ±3°, and 0°.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - M Series Feature

Build Your M Series LED Display

We’ve built a custom LED screen builder that allows you to build out your display and get the exact specs and price estimate, instantly

Specs from the M Series

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Flyer Series

M Series Indoor

Specification M1955I M2655I M2955I M3955I
Pixel Pitch
1.9 mm
2.6 mm
2.9 mm
3.9 mm
Cabinet Dimension (W×H×D)
1.64x1.64 ft / 500x500 mm
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)
256×256 px
192×192 px
168×168 px
128×128 px
Cabinet Weight
24.2 lbs
800 nits
1000 nits
Gray Scale
16 Bit
Refresh Rate
Horizontal Viewing Angle
Vertical Viewing Angle
Front / Rear Access
Ingress Protection
LED Lifespan
50,000 h
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
Working Humidity (RH)
10% ~ 90% RH
Working Voltage
Max. Power Consumption
170 watts
Avg. Power Consumption
70 watts

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