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The O Series is purpose built for your outdoor LED needs. It features Nichia LED diodes, with proven less color degradation, and great picture quality even after years of use. We offer a wide variety of pixel pitches making the O Series ideal for a number of different applications, including scoreboards, outdoor signage, advertising, digital architectural elements, outdoor venues, and more. If you need a larger display outdoors when viewers are not in close proximity, the O Series is what you need.

Size Available: 3.15×3.15×0.4 ft / 960×960×120 mm


Featuring Nichia LED Diodes

Through Nichia’s development of the industry’s first high-brightness blue LEDs and following that with pure green LEDs, Nichia’s LEDs have contributed to the evolution of full-color displays. Today, Nichia’s LEDs are used in various places around the world such as advertising displays in big cities, information boards in transportation facilities, world famous concerts, and electric scoreboards in stadiums. Nichia will continue to pursue higher
luminosity, lower power consumption, higher resolution, and higher visibility for LEDs, and will develop products to further improve large-scale displays. This is why we chose Nichia as one of our primary LED diode suppliers for our outdoor LED displays.

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Meeting IP65 front and rear standards, the O Series LED display is resistant to dust, water and fully weatherproof.

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - O Series Feature

Thin & Light

At about 65 pounds the lightweight/larger cabinets are easy to handle, less expensive to transport and easier to install. This will certainly decrease your labor cost and installation times.

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - O Series Feature

Smart Module

Smart modules utilize a unique independent identification technolgy. This allows for auto-calibration when replacing modules, ability to store calibration data, individually send data to modules, and easily synchronize your settings. The smart module creates a perfectly calibrated display with a push of the button.

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LED Specs
Specification O6699SD O0899SD O1099SD
Pixel Pitch
6.67 mm
8 mm
10 mm
LED Type
SMD 3 in 1
Pixel Density
22545 /m²
15625 /m²
10000 /m²
Module Dimension (W×H)
18.9 in. x 6.3 in. / 480×160 mm
Module Resolution (W×H)
72×24 px
60×20 px
48×16 px
Cabinet Dimension (W×H×D)
37.8 in. x 37.8 in. / 960×960×120 mm
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)
144×144 px
120×120 px
96×96 px
Cabinet Weight
67 lbs/30 kg
Cabinet Material
6500 nits
7000 nits
6500-7000 nits
Color Temperature
3,500~9,300 k
Contrast Ratio
≥ 2000 :1
Gray Scale
16 bit
Refresh Rate
≥3840 Hz
Viewing Angle
H 140° / V 120°
Driving Method
1/6 S
1/5 S
1/2 S
Front / Rear Access
Ingress Protection
LED Lifespan
100,000 h
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
Working Humidity (RH)
0~ 90% RH
Power Supply
AC 100-240 V
Max. Power Consumption
600 watts
Avg. Power Consumption
200 watts