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About Firefly LED

The Firefly LED team was formed to revolutionize the LED industry, and how LED providers manage their business. Our team works to provide the highest quality LED products available, at the most affordable prices. 

Using our knowledge and experience in the industry, spanning decades, we have partnered with a select few manufacturers to provide the latest and most cutting edge technology available.  

We have designed our products with industry leading hardware, which limits the amount of potential failures and extends the life of each product.  We believe in operating as efficiently as possible, focusing our efforts & energy on what really matters to our clients.

Why Choose Firefly LED?

Quality of Products

Here at Firefly LED, we take quality seriously. We strive to provide the best LED panels made of high-grade components and architecture. We aren’t trying to sell you a quick fix — we’re here to deliver a lasting, durable product that will withhold over time.

Hands-On Installation

When it comes to installation, Firefly LED ensures that you’re taken care of. Whether it’s our team of experts coming on-location, or coordinating with an AV Integrator, we are present at every step of the way.

Excellent Customer Service

When we say we are here to help, we mean it. Our customer service is experienced, knowledgeable, and available to help at any time — ready to aide you with any questions or troubleshooting, from beginning to installation, and beyond.

Our Process

Build Your Screen

Use our intuitive LED Screen Builder to build out your own custom screen and get instant pricing.

Finalize Quote

Our team will work with you to ensure your LED screen you built is perfect for your application and environment.

Schedule & Order

After we finalize your build, we will schedule the installation with our AV integrator partners.

Ongoing Support

Beyond install, we are in touch with you directly to ensure your screen is maximizing it's potential.

Featured Clients

Some of Our Work

Firefly LED has been honored to work with numerous clients across the country, from houses of worship, to higher education and even motorsports. Check out some of the LED displays from our clients below.

Freedom Church

Before coming to Firefly LED, Freedom Church was utilizing outdated projector screens that were low quality, hard to see, and not up to par with what they wanted. Wanting his place of worship to represent the same quality and vivid interaction people are getting on a daily basis from their phones and devices, Pastor T decided to elevate his services with the D Series from Firefly LED.

Trackhouse Racing

As a newer team to the NASCAR Cup Series, Trackhouse Racing was established in 2021 and set out to do things different. Owner Justin Marks has since pushed the envelope for what is possible, and always looking for new opportunities to change the way the sport continues to evolve.

Firefly LED

Work With Us

We are confident you will not find a better team to help realize your vision — get started by building your screen, or get in touch via phone or email. We look forward to working with you soon!