Indoor LED Display

Flyer Series

Crafted with a sleek and slim design, this poster-sized display packs a punch with its array of features, making it the perfect choice for a diverse range of applications. Whether it’s commanding attention at trade shows, enhancing the ambiance of retail spaces, guiding visitors in restaurants, or serving as effective wayfinding signage, the Flyer Series excels.

Key Features

Flyer Series Highlights

The Flyer Series features a patented armor coating technology. The surface of the LED module as well as the PCB board is completely sealed with an epoxy resin. This gives the product much more protection against collisions or other incidental contact. This technology also makes the LED modules waterproof, anti-static, and dust proof, making it ideal for high traffic areas and when moisture, oxidation, or other environmental factors could be an issue.

The armor coating allows us to extend the LED diodes to the edge of the LED modules creating an infinity edge display. This creates a more immersive experience, and allows you to place multiple units together to create a larger display.

The Flyer Series is very lightweight and thin. It can be hung from above, wall mounted, or utilize a base with wheels, making it extremely mobile. The unit is very easy to service. The LED modules can simply be removed from the front with a magnetic tool, allowing you to quickly replace the modules if needed.


The Flyer Series features a built in controller and content management system. The units can automatically recognize how and where they are setup. An app is included which allows you to remotely manage your content and make other screen adjustments. There is even a cloud software platform which allows you to manage multiple Flyers through a worldwide cloud network.

Plus, it features built-in speakers providing stereo sound. This makes it much simpler and streamlined to provide audio when needed.

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Specs from the Flyer Series

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Flyer Series

Pixel Pitch
0.9 mm
1.2 mm
1.5 mm
1.8 mm
Panel Dimension (W×H×D)
1.99x5.81x1.64 ft / 606x1770x500 mm
Panel Resolution (W×H)
640×1800 px
480×1350 px
384×1080 px
320×900 px
Panel Weight
121 lbs (without base)
Avg. Power Consumption
225 watts
Max Power Consumption
450 watts
600 nits
550 nits
Color Temperature
3500K- 12000K Adjustable
Scan Mode
Synchronous / Asynchronous
Refresh Rate
≤ 3840HZ
Viewing Angle
> 170°
Front Access
Working Temperature
-4°F - 122°F
Storage Temperature
-4°F - 122°F
Working Humidity (RH)
10%~ 90% RH
Power Supply
AC120~240V (50~60Hz)
≤ 16 bit
Communication Mode
WiFi, 4G
Operation System
Windows / iOS / Android

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