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Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - OHD Series


The OHD Series is designed for applications when you need a higher resolution outdoors. Featuring only the highest quality components, and latest in manufacturing advancements. Ideal for restaurants/bars, amenity decks, outdoor advertising, way finding, anywhere you need an outdoor display with viewers relatively close.

Size Available: 1.64×1.64×0.28 ft (500x500x85 mm)


High Strength Aluminum Structure

Precision aluminum stamping ensures the OHD Series cabinet has perfect uniformity. Our assembly process utilizes pneumatic air-actuated clamping tools and CNC machining which allows us to achieve accuracy levels up to +/-0.05mm.

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - OHD Series

High IP Rating

Each individual LED Module is hermetically sealed providing maximum protection against dust, water, and other environmental concerns. The LED module itself, as well as the entire panel, has an IP65 ingress protection rating.

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - OHD Series Feature

Channeled and Recessed Cabinet Alignment

Cabinets are designed with four-sided rabbet joints to assist with LED display assembly, providing for a faster and easier installation process. The bottom of each cabinet is also equipped with two tracks to protect the LED modules from damage while transporting or during installation.

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - OHD Series Feature

Smart Module

Smart modules utilize a unique independent identification technology. This allows for auto calibration when replacing modules, the ability to store calibration data, individual send data to modules, and easily synchronize your settings. This allows for a perfectly calibrated display with a push of the button.

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - OHD Series Feature
LED Specs
Specification OHD3155SD OHD3955SD
Pixel Pitch
3.125 mm
3.91 mm
LED Type
SMD 3 in 1
SMD 3 in 1
Pixel Density
102400 /m²
65536 /m²
Module Dimension (W×H)
9.84 in. x 9.84 in. / 250×250 mm
Module Resolution (W×H)
80×80 px
64×64 px
Cabinet Dimension (W×H×D)
19.69 in. x 19.69 in. / 500×500×85 mm
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)
160×160 px
128×128 px
Cabinet Weight
19.84 lbs / 9±0.5 kg
Cabinet Material
3500 nits
6000 nits
Color Temperature
6500~8500 k
Contrast Ratio
≥ 3000 :1
Gray Scale
≥ 14 bit
Refresh Rate
≥3840 Hz
Viewing Angle
H 120° / V 160°
Driving Method
1/10 S
1/8 S
Front Access
Ingress Protection
Front & Rear IP65
LED Lifespan
100,000 h
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
Working Humidity (RH)
0~ 90% RH
Power Supply
AC 100-240 V
Max. Power Consumption
162.5 watts
Avg. Power Consumption
50 watts