Outdoor LED Display

OHD Series

The OHD Series is ingeniously crafted for seamless integration into both permanent installations and mobile setups, boasting top-tier components and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Perfectly suited for a wide array of settings including restaurants, bars, amenity decks, outdoor advertising, and wayfinding solutions, it ensures exceptional outdoor display performance especially in close proximities.

Key Features

OHD Series Highlights

The precision aluminum diecast frame ensures perfect uniformity, but still very lightweight for a LED video panel at only 21 pounds each.

Each individual LED module is hermetically sealed providing maximum protection against dust, water, and other environmental concerns. The LED module itself, as well as the entire panel, has an IP65 ingress protection rating.

This feature allows for full front access to all components. It not only utilizes high strength magnets, but also our patented locking system. This system prevents theft, modules from falling off during extremely high winds or other natural disasters, and allows them to be installed in areas where you might have concerns about vibration, high traffic, or other types of interference.

Our OHD Series was designed in a 8:9 aspect ratio to allow for a variety of configurations and ideal for maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio. This line also allows for 90 degree corner configurations utilizing a 45 degree cut LED module, giving it the tightest gap available in the industry.

Build Your OHD Series LED Display

We’ve built a custom LED screen builder that allows you to build out your display and get the exact specs and price estimate, instantly

Specs from the OHD Series

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OHD Series

Specification OHD15 OHD19 OHD25
Pixel Pitch
1.5 mm
1.9 mm
2.5 mm
Panel Dimension (W×H×D)
18.9 in. x 21.3 in. x 2.8 in. / 480×540×70 mm
Panel Resolution (W×H)
320×360 px
256×288 px
192×216 px
Pixel Density
444,444 /m²
284,444 /m²
160,000 /m²
Panel Weight
21 lbs / 9.5 kg
Avg. Power Consumption
216 w/m²
Max. Power Consumption
720 w/m²
>4000 nits
3500 nits
Refresh Rate
3840 Hz
Contrast Ratio
4000 :1
Front & Rear Access
Ingress Protection
Front & Back IP 65
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature

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