Indoor LED Display

B Series

The B Series is our more economical indoor LED product line, but still features the high quality components you have come to know at Firefly. It is specifically designed for the install market and is used in industries such as retail, corporate environments, boardrooms, classrooms, Houses of Worship and more.

Key Features

B Series Highlights

Our standard panel size is 3.36’ x 1.89’ giving you a true 16:9 aspect ratio, but we offer it in a variety of sizes to accommodate our clients specific size needs and vision. We offer a .82’ x 1.64’, 2.46’ x 1.64’, 3.28’ x 1.64’, 1.68’ x .94’, 2.52’ x .94’, and 3.36’ x .94’. All of the various sizes can be connected to ether to hit very specific dimensions or give you the ability to create a more unique digital display.

Our B Series not only offers the various sizes mentioned above, but we also offer custom options giving you the ability to create 90 degree/L-shape, cube, and even concave and convex applications with our flexible B Series modules. With the various sizes and custom options, the possibilities are just about endless with our B Series product line.

At only 24.2 pounds in our standard sized largest cabinet, and only 1.75 inches in depth, the B Series is very easy to install, also making it more cost effective. The B Series features a fully front maintainable design, allowing every component to be replaced from the front.

Patented smart inkjet craftsmanship allows vibrant and sharp presentation in a higher contrast ratio. Modules can be built with on board calibration making it easier to service and maintain. Armor coating provides higher level of protection against contact, dust, debris, and other environmental elements.

Build Your B Series LED Display

We’ve built a custom LED screen builder that allows you to build out your display and get the exact specs and price estimate, instantly

Specs from the B Series

A Series

B Series

Pixel Pitch
1.6 mm
1.9 mm
2.6 mm
4 mm
Panel Resolution (W×H)
640×360 px
520×290 px
384×216 px
256×144 px
Panel Dimension (W×H×D)
3.36 x 1.89 x 0.15 ft / 1024 x 576 x 44.5 mm
Pixel Density
390,625 /m²
255,669 /m²
140,625 /m²
Panel Weight
25.6 lbs
Avg. Power Consumption
84 watts
71 watts
Max. Power Consumption
335 watts
280 watts
700-800 nits
Refresh Rate
≤ 3840Hz
Scan Mode
Gray Scale
14~16 Bit
Contrast Ratio
Front access
Ingress Protection
Working Temperature
-4°F ~ 104°F
Storage Temperature
-4°F ~ 140°F
Working Voltage

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