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The E Series All-in-One LED screen is your perfect solution for corporate, education, and showroom applications. As a fine pitch display, with varied screen sizes, along with its mobility or permanent mounting option, the E Series is an excellent upgrade from your everyday TV wall.

Sizes Available: 108″, 136″ and 163″

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The E Series operates similar to a TV, but with all the great features of Direct View LED. This makes it a perfect addition to your office board room. It features three different 1080p sizes, a 4k option in the 163 inch display, three HDMI 2.0 inputs, 3.5mm headphone output, Windows and Android operating systems, as well as a 3840 Hz refresh rate. It offers a USB 3.0 camera input for video conferencing. You can wirelessly connect up to 4 devices to the display over WiFi, and split the screen up into 9 windows for various user presentations. It offers 16G of storage capacity, and is much brighter than a traditional TV wall at 2000 NIT.

Flip Chip Technology

Flip Chip Technology is the latest improvement in how LEDs are manufactured. Traditional LEDs utilize wires to bond the LED to the chip, Flip Chip use a wireless bonding process. This eliminates broken wires, which is one of the biggest fail points with SMD LEDTechnology. This also allows for a more compact packaging process, which gives us the physcial room to focus on heat dissipation, allowing for a brighter and more efficient LED. This also provides a much more reliable and stable product overall, making it the best option in the market today.

Multiple Sizes Available

With 3 screen size options available (108”, 136”, and 163”), you’re able to adapt the screen to your available space. We offer the 163” size in a .9mm 4k option, when ultra-high resolution is required. Additionally, you can mount this screen on the wall, or if you prefer a mobile solution you can utilize the base with heavy duty casters. This would allow you to easily move the E Series display throughout your facilities or campus.

Built-In Speakers

Features built-in unique immersive noise reduction dual speakers, with wide-angle surround sound. It can also be connected to an external camera and audio equipment to create a much more robust video conferencing solution.

LED Specs
Specification E10812 E13615 E16319 E16394K
108 in
136 in
163 in
Display Size
2400×1350 mm
3000×1687.5 mm
3600×2025 mm
Screen Size (without base)
2410×1458×28 mm
3010×1795×28 mm
3610×2133×28 mm
Display Ratio
2000 nits
Contrast Ratio
Gray Scale
14 Bit
Image effect
HDR 10
Viewing Angle
H 160° / V 160° 
Operating System
Windows & Android two systems drive
6 CPU, 64 bit
4 G
Storage Capacity
16 G
Power Supply
100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Storage Temperature
Working Temperature
Working Humidity (RH)
20% ~ 90% RH
Viewing Distance
2.5 m
2.5 m
5 m
Weight (without base)
396.8 lbs
595.2 lbs
837.8 lbs
Avg. Power Consumption
600 watts
900 watts
1300 watts
Max. Power Consumption
2000 watts
3000 watts
4300 watts