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Are you interested in investing in LED displays for your business or establishment, but worried about the cost? Luckily, LED displays don’t have to be a huge investment to get your feet wet with this technology. There are a few options for being able to utilize LED displays without breaking the bank.

Economical Large Format Displays

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - D Series Feature

It may be difficult to imagine needing a large format display and sticking to a budget, but that’s what our D Series panel was tailor-made for. Boasting many high-end features still, the D Series is a great economical option for applications in retail, houses of worship, corporate spaces, and financial institutions.

Visually speaking, you can count on a high refresh rate, HDR technology for vivid colors, and a high gray scale at low brightness. It is a fully front serviceable product, making it very easy to install and maintain.

If you’re interested in building a D Series display, get started with our intuitive screen builder and get instant pricing!

Portable Displays on a Budget

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - Flyer Series

One of our excellent choices for budget LED panels is the ever-popular Flyer Series. This LED display is one you may recognize, as a standalone screen it’s tall and skinny in size, but packed with great features and quality. Seen in many retail or hospitality scenarios, the Flyer Series is the perfect introductory product for adding LED signage to your business or used at a trade show.

While you can use the Flyer Series on its own, you can also put multiple units together to create a larger seamless display. It features a heavy duty base with wheels, or you can mount it on the wall with the included hardware. The built in media player and the player master software make it simple to manage and send your content over WiFi, Cloud Network, USB, and HDMI.

View the pricing and add-ons available here.

In addition to the Flyer Series, if you’re looking for a larger, yet still mobile display check out our newest E Series LED display. The E Series is a perfect solution for corporate spaces and education, where it replaces your everyday LCD TV with a state-of-the-art LED display.

Also providing the wall mount or on-wheels options, the E Series is a display that can create a huge impact. With multiple screen sizes ranging from 108″ to 163″, and even a 4k resolution capability, you’ll be impressed by the built-in speakers and functional, user-friendly operating system.

Check out the E Series details and specs here.

Ready to make the jump?

We know that the purchasing process for getting into LED can be intimidating, but that’s why Firefly LED was formed — to simplify the process and make the barrier to entry easier while maintaining state-of-the-art LED products.

Check out all of our LED solutions, or reach out to the Firefly team if you need additional help.

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