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In an industry where there are dozens of LED suppliers, it’s important to know the difference in good LED displays and excellent LED displays.

Just like buying a TV, where you might think that LG, Sony and Samsung are some of the best brands, but RCA, Westinghouse and Hisense aren’t. There’s multiple factors that go into the differences, like picture quality, sound, Smart features, and more.

However, when it comes to LED displays, Firefly LED has the upper hand in technology. We’re writing a series of posts to highlight reasons why you should choose Firefly, with the Flip-Chip technology up first.


No, we’re not talking about potato chips (sorry, if you’re hungry) — the flip-chip is some of the latest in LED technology that literally “flips” the LED chip upside down. Sounds odd, right? But this method has several benefits that you’ll find are necessary in your LED display.

First, by flipping the chip over, and soldering it directly to the board, it lowers the heat dissipation tremendously. In turn, the LED is able to produce a brighter and more energy efficient display.

Additionally, by eliminating the traditional wire connection and going with a wireless bonding method, the lifetime of this flip-chip improves greatly with much less chances of failure.

The advancements in this technology make the LED panels at Firefly, including the A Series and E Series, some of the most reliable and stable products on the market.

Stay tuned for the next post in our mini-blog series: the Firefly LED difference.

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