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3 Ways You Can Repurpose Your LED Display to Boost Your ROI

Are you looking for more ways you can utilize your LED display, other than it’s main purpose you installed it for?

Today, we’ll help you unleash the full potential of your LED display as we dive into innovative strategies that lead to greater profitability. LED displays are more than eye-catching screens; they are versatile assets with boundless potential that can be used for maximizing your returns.

We’ll reveal three ingenious ways to repurpose them, fueling growth and unforgettable experiences, without much additional effort on your end.

1. Host an Event

When thinking of ways to repurpose your LED video wall, you might have to think outside the box a bit — then, you’ll understand how many ideas you might come up with.

One easy way to utilize your LED display that can help you boost your return is by hosting an event — like a movie night! A large LED screen is the perfect canvas for hosting a movie.

Choose one of the latest popular movies, post on social media and hand out flyers, and you’ll be on your way to hosting a movie night that will be a great success.

In addition, this is natural advertising as well — bringing people into your house of worship, business, or wherever the screen is installed. If done well, you could continue to host movie night events throughout the year, and even do different themes or genres for different types of crowds.

2. List advertisements

I know it may sound like an obvious solution, but a very easy way to obtain income from your LED screen is by selling ads. If your LED display is in a high-traffic area, you could easily charge for businesses to advertise on your screen for a recurring fee.

As we’ve talked about in the past, the sheer brightness and colors in an LED display are easily seen, which make it a great medium for ads.

If you garner enough attention, and grow a customer base with advertisements, you could recoup the investment of your LED display very quickly.

3. Rent the space

If you have an LED display in an auditorium or corporate meeting room, you can also rent out these spaces for use by other organizations that may not have access to them elsewhere.

Presentations, training, meetings, and more are just some ideas of why other businesses and organizations might want to rent your space and utilize your LED display.

Think about the slow times that you aren’t utilizing the space and really push rentals at those times. Sure, you may have to have an individual on-site to ensure everything goes smoothly and oversee the building, but the cost of the rental should greatly outweigh your expenses.

What can you do with your LED display?

We hope that we’ve shown you a few creative ways that you can utilize your LED display to get a return on your investment even quicker — and quite possibly, turn your screen into a revenue stream for your business.

The possibilities with LED are truly endless, so let your imagination flow and you can repurpose that screen in many different ways you never thought possible.

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