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Announcing: The E Series

Today, Firefly LED is proud to launch a brand new LED product to our state-of-the-art lineup: the E Series.

The E Series is an all-in-one LED screen, packed with features like three HDMI 2.0 inputs, 3.5mm headphone output, Windows and Android operating systems, as well as a 3840 Hz refresh rate. It offers a USB 3.0 camera input for video conferencing in corporate or education settings. Additionally, you can wirelessly connect up to 4 devices to the display over WiFi, and split the screen up into 9 windows for various user presentations. It offers 16G of storage capacity, and is much brighter than a traditional TV wall at 2000 NIT.

For versatility in your space, the E Series comes in 3 sizes: 108″, 136″, and 163″ and depending on your application you can decide to mount it on the wall, or opt for the base with wheels. The E series is perfect for use in higher education and corporate environments.

To check out the full details and place an order, check out the E Series here.

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