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Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - D Series


The D Series is a more economical indoor LED video solution, packed with many features and SMD LED Diode Technology. It is ideal for just about any indoor situation where you need a large digital display, such as a corporate board room. It is very popular for houses of worship, retail, corporate spaces, and financial institutions.

Size Available: 3.15×31.57×0.20 ft (960×480×61 mm)

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HDR & High Refresh Rate

The system data is processed in depth, and the HDR high dynamic picture is finely tuned for low-brightness and high gray scale. This enhances the layering of the dark and bright pictures, making the images more realistic and the colors more vivid. Also features anti-gamma correction technology, and a 3840Hz high refresh rate.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - D Series Feature

High Gray Scale at Low Brightness

The use of high-quality LED lamps and the high-end constant current source of the PWM LED Driver, makes the LED display screen color reproduction and low gray details more prominent. This is very important in preventing color and picture degradation at low brightness.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - D Series Feature

Traditional LED

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - D Series Feature

D Series

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The back of this product features an IP65 fully enclosed cabinet, which allows for a quicker installation process. It also provides a very high level of protection, essentially making the product IP65 front and rear. This prevents dust, water, moisture or other elements from entering the panel. The fully front serviceable magnetic modules make it easy to service on the rare occasion you may need to do so.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - D Series Feature
LED Specs
Specification D1994SD D2594SD D3094SD D4094SD
Pixel Pitch
1.9 mm
2.5 mm
3 mm
4 mm
LED Type
Panel Dimension (W×H)
512×256 px
384×192 px
320×160 px
240×120 px
Panel Resolution (W×H×D)
37.8 in. x 18.9 in. / 960x480x61 mm
Pixel Density
Panel Weight
24.2 lbs
Avg. Power Consumption
92 watts
Max. Power Consumption
230 watts
800 nits
Refresh Rate
Scan Mode
Constant current driver (Compatible)
Gray Scale
10-14Bit adjustment
Front access
Ingress Protection
Front IP65 , Rear IP63
Color Temperature
2500K- 10000K adjustment
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
Working Humidity (RH)
10% ~ 90% RH
LED Lifespan
100,000 h
Working Voltage
Wide ( AC:100V~240V, 50-60Hz) Or Narrow ( AC:200V~240V,50-60Hz) Optional