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Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - M Series


The M Series Indoor LED is ideal when you are looking for a mobile display. The features and high quality components make it one of the best options on the market for touring, trade shows, corporate events and any other function that could use a large indoor display.

Size Available:1.64×1.64 ft (500×500 mm)

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Panel Update: New Feature for M Series 2.6

With virtual production on the rise, and green screens becoming a thing of the past, our M Series now has the capability to offer dynamic LED solutions for XR, TV and film production. This technology allows for more flexibility in creating interactive, life-like video environments, eliminating the need for on-location shoots and reducing post-production time — therefore saving you time and money. Inquire about how our M Series 2.6mm can elevate your production to new levels.

Very Bright & Energy Saving

The M Series utilizes Common Cathode Technology. This is a much more efficient way of delivering power to the individual colors: Red, Green, and Blue. Each color has different voltage requirements, and with Common Cathode, we can control the amount of voltage that is delivered. This provides up to 75% energy savings, and allows us to achieve a much brighter display.

– Common Cathode Technology is not available on the 2.6mm (M2655I) panel

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - M Series Feature Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - M Series Feature

Easy Setup & Maintenance

The M Series features ergonomic handles and an automatic locking system allowing an individual to easily assemble the display. The LED modules are front or rear serviceable, and the power/data box can be removed with one click. It features a patented structural frame with corner protection.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - M Series

Unique Screen Configuration

The M-Series allows you to create curved or even circular LED Displays. The Radian Connector can adjust between ±6°, ±3°, and 0°.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - M Series Feature
LED Specs
Specification M1955I M2655I M2955I M3955I
Pixel Pitch
1.9 mm
2.6 mm
2.9 mm
3.9 mm
Cabinet Dimension (W×H×D)
1.64x1.64 ft / 500x500 mm
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)
256×256 px
192×192 px
168×168 px
128×128 px
Cabinet Weight
24.2 lbs
800 nits
1000 nits
Gray Scale
16 Bit
Refresh Rate
Horizontal Viewing Angle
Vertical Viewing Angle
Front / Rear Access
Ingress Protection
LED Lifespan
50,000 h
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
Working Humidity (RH)
10% ~ 90% RH
Working Voltage
Max. Power Consumption
170 watts
Avg. Power Consumption
70 watts