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LED Display Case Studies: A Look at Our Work

LED displays are constantly being applied in new and innovative ways, and make the evolution of technology exciting to follow. Here at Firefly LED, we have a true passion for introducing businesses to LED display technology, and seeing the amazing results take place.

LED walls have the ability to transform spaces, educate, inform and generate revenue — all in so many different ways. Firefly has been honored to be a part of many projects across various industries, applications, and environments.

Let’s highlight some of those LED display case studies we’ve completed and continue to support for our clients.

LED Display Case Study: Lowe’s

The first project we can dive into is the immersive lobby display at the Lowe’s headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The building lobby entrance for a company with the size and scale of a company like Lowe’s needs to say a statement — and with that, we introduced LED.

This project involved several LED displays in order to make the most impact. Custom sized to fit the lobby specifications, the LED video walls now created a dramatic and memorable entrance for their employees and visitors.

To compliment the large-format LED video walls, Firefly LED also helped manufacture a completely custom LED display in the shape of the Lowe’s company logo, which is mounted just above the lobby desk.

LED Display Specs

For this Lowe’s project, we utilized a new LED panel, the Y Series, to deliver the most impactful results. Overall, the LED wall located in the elevator lobby comes in at 302″ wide by 170″ tall. Because of the viewing distance up close, the 1.2 mm pixel pitch delivers a high resolution fine pitch display for maximum quality.

Display Gallery

LED Display Case Study: Highland Prep

Next in our lineup of LED display case studies, we worked with Highland Prepatory School in Sunrise, AZ. In need of a dynamic solution for their newly constructed Fab Lab, Firefly LED worked with our AV partner AMD to install a large-format LED display on the wall.

In addition to featuring video content showcasing school events, images highlighting student achievements and projects, and morning announcements, the LED display serves as a captivating element for potential students and their families. Guest speakers also find delight in utilizing the display for their presentations, adding to the overall appeal of the school.

LED Display Specs

Featuring the B Series indoor LED display, this screen measures 15.75 feet wide by 9.4 feet tall. Due to the wall-mounted application, and use of the display, the 2.5 mm pixel pitch became the best proposed solution.

Display Gallery

LED Display Case Study: Freedom Church

We’ve covered LED display case studies in the corporate and education sectors, so next we’ll take a look at Freedom Church — a house of worship LED display that truly is making a difference.

Prior, Freedom Church was utilizing outdated projector technology, which was dim, hard to read, and not dynamic whatsoever. Now, with their LED video wall backdrop front and center of their worship, they are able to enhance their sermons to another level. Service performances have been elevated with dynamic content and showcasing lyrics so that the congregation can interact in new ways.

LED Display Specs

This LED display video wall for Freedom Church comes in at 25 feet wide by 14 feet tall, using the B Series 3 mm panel option.

Display Gallery

LED Display Case Study: Trackhouse Racing

When you think of LED display case studies, more than likely you’re not going to think of motorsports. Well we’re here to make you think again — introducing an LED display project with NASCAR Cup Series team Trackhouse Racing.

NASCAR heavily relies on their sponsors to fund the teams and racecars, and finding new ways to showcase sponsors is becoming harder and harder to do. As a newer team to the Cup Series, Trackhouse came to the scene looking to disrupt the norm. To aid in their constant strive for advanced innovation, Firefly LED and Prusik Media worked together to deliver LED displays on their racecar haulers for added visibility during race weekend.

LED Display Specs

Headquartered out of Charlotte, NC, the LED displays for Trackhouse needed to handle the outdoor environment. Firefly chose to utilize the 1.9 mm pixel pitch from the OHB Series, our highest-resolution LED panel, and measures in total 1.57 feet wide by 5.31 feet tall each — with 2 displays per hauler installed.

Display Gallery

Work with Firefly LED

The four LED display case studies we’ve highlighted showcase the sheer versatility and possibility when it comes to LED. If you’re interested in talking more about how you can take advantage of LED, you can check out our LED screen builder or reach out to us — we’re always available and willing to help educate and inform you of the best solution!

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