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Colorlight A100 Cloud Player

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  • Loading capacity up to 1.3 million pixels, with a maximum of 4096 pixels wide or 2560 pixels tall.
  • HDMI up to 1920p x 1200p at 60Hz.
  • 4K H.265/H.264 decoding, 4k VP9 decoding playback.
  • 4GB Storage Capacity.
  • USB Flash Drive can plug and play content as well as update the list of programs.
  • Synchronous playback of multiple screens.
  • LAN and Internet based scheduling.
  • Ambient Temperature, Humidity, and Brightness monitoring with automatic display brightness adjustment.
  • Manage player via PC, Smartphone, and/or Tablet.
  • Features WiFi 2.4G, WIFI Hotspot, LAN (DHPC or Static), and 4G communications.
					jQuery("#sending-controller").val('Colorlight C7'); 

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