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The Firefly LED Difference: Industry Knowledge & Experience

Firefly LED difference - Industry knowledge and experience

In our next mini-blog series titled the Firefly LED Difference, we’re talking about the level of experience, knowledge and network that Firefly LED has which sets us apart from the rest.

Why is this relevant, and what exactly does this mean for you? Let us explain.

Proper guidance in the buying process

We know that investing in LED is no easy feat — it can be intimidating, expensive, overwhelming, and so much more. What pixel pitch do I need? What kind of panel suits my project? Is it bright enough? How many panels should I buy?

These are all valid concerns, and most that the layman user doesn’t understand. Choosing the right LED supplier like Firefly LED can help you ease your mind and answer all your questions for you, to help you decide what is the best LED panel, and get the best quality screen you can possibly get.

Multi-faceted approach

At Firefly LED, we as a team we have a combined decades of Audio, Lighting, and Visual experience plus product development, installation, service, and sales. Our vast knowledge and hands-on experience working in these systems for so long, and working with churches, venues, retail and more, gives us the ability to look at any project from multiple perspectives and ensure that you’re betting the best possible environment and experience possible.

Industry network

When building Firefly LED, we traveled the world doing international research to find the best quality products and create integral relationships with manufacturers to provide the latest technologies and best components in the industry. We have partnered with some elite installation companies to assist with projects and service, providing a solid nationwide network to our partners and clients.

Our trusted network of partners are some of the top integrators in the U.S., and many work internationally as well. We pride ourselves on finding reliable partners who are going to represent Firefly LED appropriately and take the best possible care of their clients. 

The best possible experience is when we are able to join projects on the ground level of design so we can share our expertise and help our partners, clients, and end users see their vision come to life from inception to installation. 

Are you looking for true industry experts to guide you in your LED buying process? Look no further than Firefly LED — contact us today!

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