The New A Series: Elevating LED Displays at an Unbeatable Price Point

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If you’re in the market for a premier, top-of-the-line indoor LED video wall display, today is your lucky day.

Firefly LED is proud to announce our newly improved A Series — now with a lower price!

When our company was formed, we committed to bringing the most cutting-edge technology to the masses, at the most affordable pricing possible.

ICYMI: Our B Series pricing was just lowered, too!

We are breaking down barriers left and right to make the entry-point for LED an easier decision for all, and this new A Series is the perfect example of that.

What’s in the new A Series?

We encourage you to check out the full specs on the A Series here, but here are some highlights of what you can expect in the premier product line:

Patented Matte Black Armor Coating

Introducing our cutting-edge armor coating, which not only delivers the exceptional protection you expect from Firefly LED but also showcases our exclusive patented matte black finish — reducing glare and producing the deepest blacks among LED product lines on the market.


Through a seamless integration of the Receiving Card with our Hub Board and power supply system, we have achieved an unparalleled level of performance and serviceability in our A Series line.

Energy Efficiency

Similar to several of our product lines, the A Series incorporates Common Cathode Technology, enabling us to provide power in a significantly more efficient and precise manner.

Flip-Chip Technology

If you’re not familiar, Flip Chip technology represents the latest advancement in LED manufacturing. Unlike traditional LEDs that use wired bonding, Flip Chip adopts a wireless bonding process, eliminating the vulnerability of broken wires common in SMD LED Technology.

In-House LED Manufacturing & Calibration

Leveraging our in-house MicroLED manufacturing process, we achieve exceptional individual LED color matching and module calibration within the A Series MicroLED. The precise color accuracy attained is truly remarkable, resulting in a breathtaking gain in color clarity

Discover the new (more affordable) A Series

In conclusion, the new A Series stands at the forefront of LED technology, offering unparalleled performance, stunning visual clarity, and efficient design. If you’re seeking a cutting-edge LED solution that elevates your displays to new heights, look no further. Explore the A Series product line today, or use our Screen Builder to price your LED display today.

For any questions or inquiries, our expert team is here to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out and embark on a transformative LED journey with Firefly LED.

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