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What is a LED Sending Controller?

sending controller for led display

You may have heard about sending controllers — whether you’re looking into investing in LED video walls, or maybe online. But you aren’t exactly sure what a sending controller is and what it’s used for?

We’ll go over the basics, and highlight a few different ones we utilize here at Firefly LED.

What is a Sending Controller used for in LED?

When you think of a traditional TV in your home, and how you use a DVD player or Cable box in order to send content to your television, this is exactly what a sending controller does for a LED display.

The LED sending controller is the device that hooks up to your LED video wall to send content. With various inputs like HDMI and DVI, you can use different types of devices to display graphics, video and more.

Depending on the type of sending controller you might have, it can support different levels of resolution, up to 4k, and quality adjustments like brightness, HDR, chromaticity, and more.

Types of LED Sending Controllers

Here at Firefly LED, we only utilize Colorlight brand because they are a trusted product in the industry that help output high quality displays to your LED video wall.

Colorlight X Series

The X20 and X4 models are some of the more commonly used sending controllers, with each having their unique benefits. The X20 is more robust, being able to handle up to 4k, multiple input options, and a separate audio input and output. Whereas the X4 is a more basic model, for those that need less inputs, only HD quality resolution, and your necessary functions.

Colorlight Z Series

The Z Series is a step up from the X, and the models that we most utilize on projects we install for our clients is the Z4, Z6 and Z6 pro.

The Z4 starts at the more basic level of inputs and adjustments, the Z6 a step up from that including low latency, HDR support, Ultra HD resolution input, and up to 3 picture-in-picture screens with freely adjustment on locations.

Lastly, the Z6 Pro is the elite model in this series with 4k resolution, HDR, 3D video, 16 picture-in-picture layers, and supports USB, LAN and RS232 control.

Do you need a sending controller?

If you have a LED video wall, and your sending controller doesn’t seem to be performing or outputting the quality of picture you would expect, reach out to Firefly LED to learn more and find out how we can help.

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