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When to Use a Curved LED Display

Curved Display - Firefly LED

Are you curious about a custom configuration for your large scale LED video wall display? It’s no question that an LED video wall can make a statement, but introduce a curved LED display and you can take it to a whole new level.

We are not necessarily just talking about a slight curve in an otherwise flat display, you can do large waves, or completely wrap around an object for an entirely circular display.

It’s important though to consider when a curved display is appropriate, and what some of the advantages or disadvantages might be.

Where a curved LED display can be applied

Although a curved LED display can feel like a cool addition to your space, it doesn’t always quite make sense depending on your application. Here are a few areas that we feel curved displays bring the biggest impact.

Exterior buildings

For the most impact, some excellent uses for a curved display can be on the exterior corner of a building. With the M Series by Firefly LED, at a large scale, these types of applications can be very impactful and viewed from multiple angles with great readability and brightness.

Focal points of interest

In addition to exterior buildings, creating a curved display in the form of a complete circle around a highlight or focal point in parks is also is an excellent option. It can become a true attraction to the area, and be used in a variety of ways to display art, as part of an exhibit, or even informational like a marquee.

Office & corporate spaces

To really elevate your office or corporate space, incorporate a curved LED wall in your lobby with the M Series indoor display. The instant attraction can draw guests in your office to your latest work or promotional materials, and create a memorable experience.

Although these are some of the most popular and best uses for curved LED displays, this is definitely not the limit. Curved displays have the ability to adapt to many scenarios, making it a great option for upgrading your look.

Advantages of curved LED displays

Adaptable and flexible

Because of the flexibility and customization of LED displays, you can create a variety of configurations when it comes to curvatures — from complete circles, to custom waves, and positive/negative curves as well.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - M Series Feature

More immersive, attention-grabbing

The curvature of these displays brings a new sense of depth to the viewer — especially when used in an up-close exhibit that creates an immersive experience. A large-scale, curved screen on the side of a high-rise building is always pleasing and draws your attention to passerby’s on foot or by car. Utilizing this advantage can help you promote your business or event.

Achieve from all angles

The seamless display of a curvature helps the viewer see a crisp, clear picture from any angle. Whether it’s indoor, or outdoor, and up close or viewed far away, the LED options for curved displays are durable and beautiful to look at.

Get started with curved displays

Now that you’ve seen the advantages and best uses for curved LED displays, you should have a good understanding whether it’s something you’d like to explore. Check out our indoor M Series or outdoor M Series LED options to view the additional features and start building your screen today.

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