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Which LED Panel is Right for You?

With the various options of LED panels we provide, it’s easy to be unsure which one is best for your application.

Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, or even transparent, there are options available for all scenarios. Keep in mind, there is not always a single solution that may work, and sometimes you’ll need a more custom solution for what you’re looking for.

Either way, let’s dive in to the different LED solutions we offer and which might be best for you.

Firefly LED - Retail LED Display

Indoor LED

A Series

The A Series in our LED panel lineup is our premier indoor product. Coming in various panel sizes, this series gives you the flexibility to create custom configurations. Perfect for permanent installations, the A Series boasts high contrast ratios and high dynamic range (HDR10) so it looks great in all lighting. The patented armor coating also makes it ideal for higher traffic areas.

Best Uses for the A Series:  Because of it’s high quality components and top of the line features, it is ideal for film/TV studios, cinematic applications, immersive LED environments, museums, military, aerospace, and anywhere you need an very high quality video experience. It can even be used in semi-outdoor environments or higher-end mobile applications.

B Series

Another LED panel in our indoor lineup is the B Series — a more economical solution in comparison to that of the A Series. Only available in one size, but various pixel pitches, the B Series is the perfect panel for large digital displays. It includes important display features like high refresh rate and high gray scale.

Best Uses for the B Series: When you are looking for the large format LED Experience at a great price: house of worships, retail, corporate spaces, financial institutions, hospitality, and more.

E Series

Our latest E Series all-in-one LED screen is the modern upgrade to your everyday LCD TV. With both a wall-mount and base with wheels options, it provides flexibility in usage. Coming in three different sizes (108″, 136″, 163″) as well as a 4k option on the 163″ model, the E Series boasts our flip-chip technology and built-in speakers for a superior product.

Best Uses for the E Series: With versatile operating systems and usability, it’s perfect for corporate settings, education sectors, and showroom applications.

Flyer Series

The Flyer Series is a standalone LED screen, but with its infinity edge design, it allows you to put multiple units together to form a larger display.  It can be flown, hung on a wall (mount included), or simply rolled around with the optional base and casters. It also features our patented armor coating for that additional protection in high traffic areas or when being used in a mobile capacity. The Flyer can be used to display your latest sales, promos, products, wayfinding, and more.

Best Uses for the Flyer Series: With its ease of use and mobility, it is an excellent option for retail, trade shows, hospitality, financial institutions, large venues/convention centers, corporations, rental/touring and higher education

C Series

Our transparent LED video wall, the C Series, is a unique LED panel in that you can actually see through it. The C Series utilizes a LED diode that is mounted parallel with the PCB board allowing for maximum transparency.  It is front and rear accessible, and has a high-strength aluminum frame for larger applications.

Best Uses for the C Series: The transparent design is great for retail, hospitality, financial institutions, automotive dealerships, large glass buildings, and even for security/environmental purposes. It is also used for unique transparent design applications in hospitality, museums, larger Corporate Spaces, and other public venues.

M Series

The M Series Indoor, provided by Firefly LED, is your go-to solution when you are needing a more mobile larger digital display. With easy setup and maintenance, plus options for creating unique screen configurations, the M Series Indoor LED panel should be highly considered for temporary displays or venues looking to frequently change up their design.

Best Uses for the M Series: Great for rental/touring, trade shows, corporate events, film/TV, and more contemporary houses of worship.

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - O Series Application

Outdoor LED

O Series

The O Series panel is the best solution for large outdoor displays where your viewers are not in close proximity. Powered by Nichia LED diodes, this LED screen has proven picture quality to last for years, and features IP65 protection for every environment. It’s front or rear serviceability, larger panel size, and lightweight design make service and installation a breeze.

Best Uses for the O Series: We offer a wide variety of pixel pitches making the O Series ideal for a number of different applications, including: scoreboards, outdoor signage, advertising, digital architectural elements, outdoor venues, and more.

OHB Series

Contrary to the O Series, the OHB Series is the best solution for when you need a higher resolution digital display, where your viewers are up close. Also including IP65 protection, the O Series has a high strength aluminum structure for maximum durability, and the highest quality components.

Best Uses for the OHB Series: Restaurants, bars, amenity decks, outdoor advertising (when viewers are closer), and areas where wayfinding is needed.

M Series

Not only do we have an M Series for indoor, but also for outdoor solutions — and just like the indoor panel, the M Series Outdoor is perfect for needing a large, but mobile, display. This panel features full black LED, so it’s high contrast ratio provides a stunning and vivid picture quality with little to no reflections.

Best Uses for the M Series: Great for rental/touring, trade shows, corporate events, film/TV, and more contemporary houses of worship.

Get Started with LED today

With all of the options presented, Firefly LED has a solution for all applications — indoor or outdoor. If there’s something on this list that doesn’t quite suit your needs, don’t forget that we can also provide custom solutions for your needs.

Check out our LED Screen Builder here, or reach out to the Firefly team if you need additional help.

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