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Why You Should Use LED Displays in Retail

Do you have a retail store, and are looking to draw more customers in? One of the most, if not the most, proven methods for drawing more attention is through LED signage displays. The vast usability and applications in their ability to create multiple shapes, sizes, and configurations can help your retail store stand out from the rest.

So what are some of those advantages, and how can Firefly LED help? Let’s discuss.

4 Benefits to Using LED in Retail

Brightness & Color

When it comes to LED displays, and comparing it to LCD, the brightness and contrast you can achieve with your digital designs is easy to recognize from afar. LCD displays are more dull, and have a lower contrast in picture. LED displays, when paired with a quality sending controller, produce a more beautiful picture overall, ensuring it will be seen clearly in any lighting condition.

Create an Experience

More and more, brands are working to create memorable customer experiences within their stores. Why is that? Because customers are more reactive and engaged in store environments that are fun and inviting. Adding shopping signage and video walls allow you to expand on this concept and hopefully create new, long-lasting return customers.

In addition to this experience, incorporating LED signage makes your brand look innovative and up-to-date with technology, giving you an added level of credibility and attention.

More Attention = More Foot Traffic

It goes without question that the more people you bring through your doors, the higher the chance of a sale. What better way to grab their attention than with larger-than-life retail LED displays that highlight your latest product or offering.

Cost & Energy Efficient

Adding digital signage for retail stores can sound expensive on energy costs, but think again. LED is far more energy efficient, lasts nearly twice as long, and is far easier and more user-friendly to maintain than that of LCD displays.

Choosing the Right LED

Depending on your store location, environment, and the content you plan on presenting, there are different retail LED solutions for you.

Transparent LED for Your Storefront

Worried that adding a retail LED screen to your storefront can cause you to lose the valuable real estate of your windows? At Firefly LED, we carry a transparent LED panel, the C Series, that is built just for this purpose.

The C Series is versatile in different settings. It can be used as an individual E-Poster with external players, or multiple units can be put together to form a larger LED Display.

Firefly LED - Retail LED Display

Add Mobility & Flexibility to Your Displays

If you’re constantly evolving your store layout, changing out your retail displays for new sales and products, the Flyer Series is a great option for you. Additionally, the compact, versatile LED screen is a perfect cost-effective solution to get started with using LED in your retail store.

With the option to place it on wheels, the Flyer is mobile and easy to move around where extra attention is needed. Or, you can combine them together to make a larger display and even mount it on a wall.

So what can you use the Flyer for in retail? The Flyers are an excellent way to display your latest sales, promos, and new products. Studies show that 95% of customers prefer to be left alone as they shop around and 85% like to check prices on their own — so by displaying information about sales and promotions for your customers to find out themselves is ideal.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - Flyer Series

For larger retail stores, you can also utilize the Flyer Series for wayfinding and signage — making it the perfect LED for it’s mobility and compact size in aisles and end-caps.

Create a Retail Experience to Remember

With LED video walls and displays, whether indoor or outdoor, can be utilized to deliver content quickly and easily that requires no effort to consume. With the infinite possibilities, it’s easy to find new and innovative ways to create memorable experiences for your customers and stand out amongst your retail competitors.

If you’re interested in purchasing the transparent C Series panels, our mobile Flyer Series, or would like to talk to an LED expert, feel free to contact us to get started.

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