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If you haven’t already checked it out, we have an intuitive LED screen builder on our website that allows you to build your very own screen. To some, it may seem overwhelming or confusing, so we’ll walk you through how to use it so you can take full advantage. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Series, Pixel Pitch & Ratio

When you first arrive on the Screen Builder page, the first section is dedicated to specifying the LED series of choice, pixel pitch and the ratio. Once you’ve explored your options in both the Indoor LED and Outdoor LED, you’ll want to select the LED series that best applies to your specific needs. For this example, we’ll use our Indoor LED A Series.

Please note, our E Series, Flyer Series, and C Series are not included in our LED Screen Builder. You can visit their respective pages to buy them direct.

Once you’ve chosen A Series, for example, the appropriate Pixel Pitch options will populate based on your selection. If you’re unsure about Pixel Pitch, check out our article here where explain what it is. We’ll go ahead and select 1.6mm, where the viewing distance of our screen will be close.

Now that we’ve chosen the Pixel Pitch, the Ratios will now be available to pick from. For A Series, you can choose 2:1, 4:3, 16:9 or Custom. Choose the Ratio that best applies to your application, and we’ll move on to the next step (we’ll choose 2:1).

Step 2: Width & Height

With the initial options selected, you’ll want to now enter your Screen Width and Height. Because we chose 2:1 as our Ratio, the Width and Height are going to be tied to this calculation. So since we put in 10 as the Width, the Height automatically populates 5 — based on a 2:1 Ratio.

However, if we chose Custom as the Ratio, you’d be able to enter both the Width and Height independently, since it won’t be tied to any specific Ratio.

Step 3: Review the Specs

At this point, we’ve entered all the pertinent information for building our LED screen. Now, you’ll be able to review in real-time all of your Screen’s specs in the table. Here’s what’s shown and a quick description:

  • Total Area: This is the total area of your screen, calculated in square feet
  • Total Panels Required: Based on your screen size and panel selection, this is how many panels we’ll need to create this sized screen
  • Total Width: Because the panel size cannot meet your exact width/height, this is the calculated actual width of your screen shown in number of panels and feet
  • Total Height: Same as width, this is the actual size of your screen in number of panels and feet
  • Screen Resolution: Based on your Series, pixel pitch and size of screen, this is the resolution of your LED screen in pixels
  • Total Weight: This is the weight, in pounds, of your screen
  • Max Power Draw: Energy consumption required of your LED screen

The beauty of our LED screen builder is if you are not happy with any of the outputs shown in your specs, you can go back to your screen width and height and tweak it until you’re happy with the result. Every calculation is done in real-time, making it incredibly easy and fast to play with.

Step 4: Get Instant Pricing

Say you’ve gotten your LED screen exactly how you want it, now is when you can get the exact cost! Just enter your Name and Email, and then hit “Price My Screen” — from here you’ll be taken directly to the Product page with your pre-populated selections from the Screen Builder, just like this:

As you can see, this is the A Series with the 1.6mm Pixel Pitch and 2:1 Ratio selected for us. Additionally, it already has 25 panels ready for us to add to our cart, which is the number we’ll need to build our LED screen. On the left, below the Product image, you’ll also see the necessary specs carried over from your custom screen.

Here you’ll also be able to view any Add-Ons related to your product — here is the Screen Controller, Wall Mount option and Wall Mount Trim. Be sure to choose the add-ons that best apply to you, but if you are unsure just give us a call.

Step 5: Add to Cart & Checkout

Once you’ve selected your Add-ons, click “Add to Cart” to be taken directly to your cart and begin the checkout process.

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On the Cart screen, review your product and once ready you can “Proceed to Checkout” to be taken to finish your Checkout process. It’s as simple as that!

Have any questions? Need help deciding which Series is right for you? Reach out to our team of experts at Firefly LED — we’ll be glad to assist you!

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