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3 Ways You Can Mount Your LED Screen

If you’re considering obtaining a new LED screen and unsure if you have the space for it, you’d be surprised at the mounting options available. If you don’t have the wall space, that’s not an issue!

We’ll talk about how you can take the B Series, one of our most economical LED panels, and apply it to your house of worship in just about any way possible.

Mount it from a truss

With many of our panels, you can set it up to be hung from a truss. What is a truss? It’s a metal or steel framework that acts as a load-bearing element for hanging your screen from.

When you choose to hang your LED wall from a truss, this allows you to create a display that can easily be changed and maneuvered as you wish for seasonal events, new looks, or just wanting to change things up.

Mount it on the wall

Probably your most common thought-of mounting solution, you can hang your LED display directly on the wall. With the B Series, it’s fully front serviceable for easy maintenance and access in the rare occasion that you need to swap out panels.

As you can imagine, hanging your LED display on the wall is a more static solution — so if your house of worship has a setup that remains consistent, and you have the available space, then wall mounting might be a great solution.

Mount it from the ground

If your house of worship has a large, open stage area, then you could also consider mounting your LED display right on the ground. This creates a free-standing screen that can create a larger-than-life feel for your worship service. Plus, with our B Series panel, you can create quite an immersive LED display with it’s high contrast, high refresh rate, and incredible brightness.

Many of our LED panels we offer can be mounted in multiple ways, like the E Series and Flyer Series.

If you’re unsure of what mounting solution might be best for you, reach out to our team and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

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