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Elevate Your Trade Show Displays with LED

Although trade shows may have taken a bit of a hiatus for the COVID pandemic, they are back in action and stronger than ever. With that, there is no better time to plan your trade show displays and booths now to separate yourself from the competition.

Why you should attend trade shows

It’s all about the leads. The sole purpose of having a trade show booth is to market your business, obtain new eyes and attention that you wouldn’t have otherwise, and get their business. The problem here is — you’re not the only business with a booth at the trade show.

To make the trade show worthwhile, and generate leads that turn into sales, you need your trade show displays to speak for themselves. Whether it’s a banner, a backdrop, or a complete focal point, the messaging and graphics needs to spark interest at your trade show booth.

So how do you stand out in a sea of booths? Take a look at some of the ideas below. 

3 Trade show booth ideas 

Portable trade show displays

Over the years, trade show booth displays have gone from boring traditional printed banners to full on LED portable trade show displays. Our mobile Flyer Series is the perfect addition to your booth that you can place directly in the walking path to quickly and easily attract new visitors.

The LED signage display on wheels, with built-in audio and touch screen capabilities, brings your trade show booth from boring to interactive.

Due to it’s compact size, the Flyer is easy to travel and set up making it one of the best portable trade show displays. 

Pop-up trade show displays

Portability and ease of set up is another important aspect to consider when designing your trade show displays. Pop up trade show displays can be versatile in use and size, but the main features to consider are quick setup, easy tear down, and low maintenance. This way, if you’re going from one trade show to another, you are able to travel with ease.

The M Series offered by Firefly LED is an LED panel that’s perfect for pop-up trade show displays. With a floor mount, and flexibility in width and height for the booth size, your business can utilize this technology like nobody else at the show.

Transparent displays

If you’d like to step it up a notch and utilize an LED trade show display that will create an attraction, check out the C Series transparent LED panel. This display can be utilized in unique ways to help bring an artistic view to your trade show booth.

Trade show displays should speak for themselves

It’s impossible to have one-on-one conversations with each individual that enters the show, so your trade show booth displays must be both interesting enough to gain attention, but also be able to sell your products and/or services at the same time. 

When utilized properly, with optimized content and messaging, an LED trade show display should help passerby’s quickly and easily know who you are, what you do, and help them decide whether they’re interested or not.

In other words, a custom LED display at your trade show booth is just another sales person — helping you educate and expose your brand to new users.

Standing out

These events can be hectic and even overwhelming at times—there is usually so much to do and see like workshops, speaking events, or vendors. Everyone is vying for the attention of the attendees, but the key is for them to remember you. So how do you make your booth stand out? You create an experience. 

In addition to LED video walls being a selling tool for your trade show displays, they can be used in interactive and creative applications for a more immersive and memorable experience.

The benefits of using LED in your trade show displays are immense. They can bring your booth to life and be a key attention-grabber, all while being portable and easy to set up. Trade shows are booming, so don’t let the opportunity for new customers pass you by. 

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