Introducing the New B Series LED Display

Firefly LED is starting out the year with a lineup of new products and improvements (more to come!), and we’ll kick this off by announcing our new B Series!

Our newest product adds to our impressive lineup of indoor led displays, diversifying your options for investing in LED.

Let’s take a deeper look at the B Series and what it has to offer.


Firefly proudly presents the B Series, our latest indoor LED display line designed to offer affordability without compromising quality. Despite its budget-friendly pricing, the B Series features high-quality components synonymous with Firefly’s reputation for excellence.

From retail stores to boardrooms, the B Series adapts to various environments, enhancing visual experiences across different industries. The B Series is crafted with precision using reliable components, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Overall, integrating the B Series is seamless, thanks to its user-friendly design.

Key Features

As we take a deeper dive into the B Series, let’s go over some of the key features you’ll love:

Multiple Sizes Available

Our standard panel size is 3.36’ x 1.89’, ensuring a true 16:9 aspect ratio. However, we offer a range of sizes to meet diverse client needs and visions, including .82’ x 1.64’, 2.46’ x 1.64’, 3.28’ x 1.64’, 1.68’ x .94’, 2.52’ x .94’, and 3.36’ x .94’. These sizes can be seamlessly connected to achieve precise dimensions or create unique and custom configured digital displays.

Creativity to the Max

In addition to the multitude of size options, our B Series provides custom capabilities, enabling you to create unique configurations like 90-degree angles, and concave/convex applications using our flexible modules. With this versatility, the creative possibilities with our B Series product line are virtually limitless.

Lightweight & Slim Design

With our standard-sized largest cabinet weighing just 24.2 pounds and measuring only 1.75 inches in depth, the B Series is ultra light-weight and slim. The fully-front maintainable design offers easy installation, enhancing cost-effectiveness and hassle-free component replacement if needed.

Advanced Technology

Our patented smart inkjet craftsmanship ensures vibrant and sharp presentations with a higher contrast ratio. Modules feature onboard calibration for simplified service and maintenance. Plus, our armor coating provides enhanced protection against contact, dust, debris, and other environmental elements.

Additional Specs

Beyond our core key features, you will find additional specs from our B Series like a contrast ratio of 6000:1 to 8000:1, and a brightness from 700-800 nits.

When it comes to voltage and temperature, the B Series maxes out at 104 degrees working temperature and runs 110V~240V of working voltage.

Where to Use the B Series

Now that you’ve seen the impressive overview and features the B Series boasts, you might be wondering — where can I use it?!

With the versatility of the sizing and configurations, there are a ton of great applications for the indoor B Series. Most notably, it’s perfect for retail environments, as well as corporate lobbies, boardrooms, and Houses of Worship.

Additionally, you can explore utilizing the B Series in higher education scenarios like classrooms and student centers, because of the economic pricing yet stellar performance and qualities.

How does the B Series compare?

As we look at our stable of indoor LED displays, how does the B Series fit in? And how does it compare?

When we look at the A Series, our most elite series we offer, the B Series is a step below that with more budget-friendly pricing. It doesn’t quite have as high-end features like the A Series, however it’s range of pixel pitches and custom configurations make it a really solid choice.

The C Series, E Series, and Flyer Series are all in a league of their own — being our transparent, an all-in-one, and poster-sized displays. There is no comparison there when it comes to the B Series, as they are quite different products.

Now looking at the indoor M Series display, you may find some similarities with the B Series. The biggest difference in the two displays, however, are that the M Series is a mobile display — meaning it’s tailor-made for quick setup and tear-down for things like trade show displays and concerts. The M Series also has an option for creating a dynamic display for XR, TV and film production.

Inquire about the B Series today

In conclusion, Firefly’s new B Series represents a cutting-edge solution that combines affordability with uncompromised quality. With a range of sizes and customizable options, including unique configurations and a front-maintainable design, the possibilities for creating stunning visual displays are virtually limitless. From vibrant presentations to patented protection, the B Series sets a new standard in indoor LED display technology.

If you’re impressed by what you see, check out the full product page here, or jump straight into our Screen Builder to get an instant price!

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