ICX/BCX Summit Recap with Firefly LED

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Last week, Firefly LED attended the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit and Bank Customer Experience (BCX) Summit at The Westin Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Normally separate Summits, this year the two joined forces to create a single, more powerful Summit — providing insights into current trends and innovative technology.

With both Retail and Banking being a highlight of the industries involved, this Summit covered everything from artificial intelligence, to data security, cryptocurrency and e-commerce. Overall, the 2 day Summit had a key focus on helping elevate customer experiences.

Firefly LED joined the Summit not only as an attendee, but as a Bronze Sponsor. We brought our cutting-edge LED displays to showcase the latest in LED technology, and enjoyed mingling and meeting many industry professionals.

With several keynote speakers, tours, and workshops, plus several notable industry leaders, the ICX/BCX Summit in Charlotte was definitely a success.

Thank you to all who came by our tradeshow booth — we’d love to connect and help you learn more about elevating your customer experiences. Reach out to our knowledgeable team today!

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