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As part of our premier Indoor LED panel lineup, the A Series is one you’ll want to check out. Loaded with many top features and the latest state-of-the-art technology, if you’re exploring an Indoor LED video wall that will perform above standards, the A Series might be for you.

So what kind of features does the A Series provide? Let’s explore in more detail the benefits.

1. Flip Chip technology

What is flip chip technology exactly? Flip Chip Technology is the latest improvement in how LEDs are manufactured. Traditional types of LEDs (non flip chip) utilize wires to bond the LED to the chip, where as the A Series Flip Chip uses a wireless bonding process. So why does this matter? The wireless bonding technique eliminates broken wires, which is one of the biggest fail points with SMD LEDTechnology.

Additionally, the flip chip also allows for a more compact packaging process, which gives us the physical room to focus on heat dissipation, producing a brighter and more efficient LED. This also provides a much more reliable and stable product overall, making it the best option in the market today.

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - A Series Feature

2. Multiple Sizes

Our A Series is unique in our product lineup in that it comes in multiple panel sizes depending on your needs. It’s offered in these 3 sizes:

  • 1.31’ x .98’/400mm x 300mm
  • 1.31’ x 1.48’/400mm x 450mm
  • 1.97’ x .98’/600mm x 300mm

The variations in sizes offered provides further flexibility in the creativity and creation of your LED screen. Additionally, you’re able to combine multiple sized panels to work together, which can simplify the servicing and installation of your LED video wall.

3. High Contrast, Brightness & Efficiency

Worried about the quality of picture of your LED screen? The A Series boasts a high contrast ratio and a high dynamic range (HDR), to provide deep blacks and rich colors. Plus, the level of brightness, without sacrificing energy consumption, is stellar.

Keep in mind, the quality and source of your content you put on your LED screen can play a factor in the overall visual, however the A Series is capable of delivering all of these features if the content is optimal.

4. Additional Features

Besides the A Series features mentioned above, here’s a few further key features you’ll need to know about:

  • Armor Coating: The surface of the LED module as well as the PCB board is completely sealed with an epoxy resin. This gives the product much better protection against collisions or other incidental contact.
  • Ultra Light: The panel is thin and light, making it friendly and easy for installation and servicing.
  • Smart module: This allows for auto-calibration when replacing modules, ability to store calibration data, individually send data to modules, and easily synchronize your settings.
  • Fast assembly: Because of the technology and panel construction, assembly is quick and pain-free.
  • Front Accessible: The panel is serviceable from the front, giving easy access for maintenance.
  • IP65: Meeting IP65 front and rear standards, the A Series LED panel is resistant to dust, water and fully weatherproof. 

Get to know the A Series

As you can see, the A Series is one of our premier panels for many reasons. Check out our LED Screen Builder to make your A Series screen or if you want to find out if the A Series is best suited for your indoor LED project, feel free to reach out to the Firefly LED team for help.

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