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In this feature panel spotlight, we’re going to take a deeper look at the C Series — the transparent LED panel provided by Firefly LED.

Contrary to your usual LED panel, where it is a solid component with zero opacity, the C Series has a slotted design that makes it see-through while still displaying a digital image or video.

So what can you use it for? And what else can you expect from the C Series? Let’s begin.

Features of the C Series Transparent LED

The C Series is quite unique in it’s transparent capabilities, however it still boasts many technological advancements in LED that make this a panel you will want to consider.

Side-emitting technology

In order to achieve the transparency in the LED panel, the C Series has a LED diode that is mounted parallel with the PCB board. What this means is the LED diode is actually mounted to the side, then the PCB board is turned so it can allow for maximum transparency through the panel — 65% to be exact. The brightness of the LED diode still ensures that the digital content is viewable in all conditions, even in direct sun.

High strength aluminum structure

Firefly LED - Transparent LED Display - C Series Feature

When it comes to the construction of the C Series panel, it consists of 2 layers of aluminum, with added protection in the corners. This allows for a more enhanced design for a rigid structure, helping the overall strength and durability of the product.

Front & rear accessible

What’s also great about this transparent LED design is it is both front and rear accessible for maintenance and service. You can easily slide out a module, work on the components as needed, and slide it right back in — both from the front and the rear.

Use cases for C Series

Now that you understand the features of the C Series transparent LED display, let’s talk about how and where it can be utilized.

As far as mounting goes, the C Series can both be hung from the ceiling or top joist, or it can be mounted on the wall. This gives you the flexibility depending on your space you’re working with.

In addition to the mounting capabilities, you have the option to connect multiple C Series panels together to create a larger, transparent LED curtain wall. For big areas, you can create a pretty dramatic LED display with 4 or 5 of these put together.

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - C Series

Now, what are some of the best applications and uses for installing a transparent LED display like the C Series?

First and foremost, one of the most effective ways to utilize the C Series is in a retail space — specifically, your store front window. As you know, capturing passersby attention to visit your store is no easy feat. But with a transparent LED display that allows you to display an amazing picture or video content, you can elevate your storefront image and still allow visibility into your store without completely blocking it.

Besides in the retail space, another great application is for use at a trade show or convention. These larger, vertical LED panels are perfect for creating a backdrop at your booth that feels artistic and aesthetically pleasing. With the transparent backdrop, and the right content, you can really elevate your trade show booth to draw visitors in.

In addition, the C Series is great for just about any building with large glass walls, such as automotive dealerships, financial institutions and museums. If you put your creative cap on, the C Series transparency can really help enhance a space like you never thought before.

Check out the C Series today

The transparent LED display as shown in our C Series can be an addition to your space that will draw attention and capture new visitors. Learn more about the C Series, or buy the panel direct today.

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