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Panel Spotlight: E Series

E Series Spotlight

A newly released product from Firefly LED earlier this year, the E Series is an Indoor LED display that’s an excellent upgrade form your everyday TV wall.

So what kind of features does the E Series provide, and what scenarios is it best for? Let’s explore.

All-In-One Display

The E Series is an all-in-one LED display that can easily be mistaken as a TV, but is so much more than that. At a brightness of 2000nit, this screen will easily be seen no matter what kind of content you are displaying. With built-in noise-reduction speakers for wide-angle surround sound, this LED screen can be used in corporate presentations or to elevate a classroom environment.

When it comes to the software, the E Series has Windows and Android OS, so you can manage it with ease in software you already know. Connect up to 4 devices to it over WiFi, and even split the screen up into as many as 9 windows so you can show multiple presentations at once.

To top it all off, the E Series has an internal storage capacity of 16GB, to hold your important docs and files for meetings or lessons.

Multiple Sizes

Our E Series comes in multiple sizes depending on your needs and where you’ll be utilizing it. It’s offered in these 3 sizes: 108″, 136″ and 163″.

The variations in sizes offered provides further flexibility in the creativity and creation of your LED screen. Plus, the 163″ model is available in 4k resolution, so you can go bigger and better.

Additional Features

Besides the E Series features mentioned above, here’s a few further key features you’ll need to know about:

  • Armor Coating: The surface of the LED display is completely sealed to give the product much better protection against collisions or other incidental contact.
  • Ultra Light: The screen is thin and light, making it friendly and easy for maneuvering.
  • Smart module: This allows for auto-calibration when replacing modules, ability to store calibration data, individually send data to modules, and easily synchronize your settings.
  • Front Accessible: The LED display is serviceable from the front, giving easy access for maintenance.
  • High Gray Scale: This creates a smoother, more beautiful display picture.
  • Energy Efficient: The E Series is an optimized LED display for low energy consumption.

What is the E Series best for?

Now that we understand all the E Series is capable of and comes with, what scenarios is it really best for? And how can it be used?

We’ve discovered that this LED display is a perfect solution for corporate environments — such as large meeting rooms — to elevate your presentations and meetings. The split screens and WiFi device compatibility, make it a no-brainer for this application.

Additionally, for higher education in larger classrooms and lecture halls, you can utilize the E Series display to easier demonstrate and address your students in attendance.

No matter where you’ll find the best use for the E Series display, keep in mind that you can choose to mount it on the wall or opt for a more mobile solution and choose a base with heavy duty casters if you don’t have the wall space.

Explore the E Series

Overall, the E Series is an elite LED display perfect for upgrading your conference room or classroom. The features and resolution options, with an operating system you’re already familiar with and use, can help you easily transition into LED without much friction.

Check out the E Series more here, or reach out to the Firefly LED team if you’d like to learn more about it’s capabilities.

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