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Pixel Pitch Perfect

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We have had some questions around pixel pitch recently, so we thought it would be helpful to discuss what is pixel pitch and how it affects LED screens. 

What is pixel pitch?

When referring to LED video walls, panels or screens, a pixel is each individual LED. Each pixel has a number associated with the specific distance between each LED in millimeters — this is referred to as the pixel pitch. The lower the pixel pitch number is, the closer the LEDs are on the screen, creating higher pixel density and better screen resolution.

Why pixel pitch matters

As noted, the pixel pitch determines how close the pixels are on the LED screen, dictating the resolution. But what should be highly considered when choosing a pixel pitch is the optimal viewing distance of your LED screen.

For example, are you placing an LED video wall at a bar or restaurant? If so, you’ll want a smaller pixel pitch since the viewing distance is not that great (within 10-20 feet). However, if you are installing a scoreboard at a stadium, you will want to go with a much larger pixel pitch since viewing distance is far greater (50+ feet).

Let’s take one of our LED panels for example. In our O Series, you will see the pixel pitch offered on that panel is 10mm. This means that each LED is spaced 10 millimeters apart, which is a pretty large pixel pitch. To determine the viewing distance, we multiply that by 2-3 to get the optimal distance in meters. For this panel, the minimal viewing distance would be 20-30 meters, roughly 65-95 feet. 

Does the pixel pitch affect the resolution? A lower pixel pitch would yield a higher resolution because the LEDs are closer together. That also means that the minimal distance viewing would be shorter as discussed previously. Keep in mind, although you would prefer high resolution, if it is a large screen viewed from a far distance, you will never get close enough to appreciate the quality. Therefore, it’s likely you’ll save money on a LED screen with a higher pixel pitch suited for your environment, instead of a lower pixel pitch at a higher cost.

It’s important to note that the resolution also comes from the quality of the content you are displaying, so if the quality of content is subpar, it will not matter as much what pixel pitch you have in your screen, display or wall. 

For more questions, and do figure out what panel and pixel pitch is best for you, feel free to contact us! We’d love to chat! 

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