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Are you looking for a mobile, simple, or smaller scale LED screen solution? If so, our Flyer Series product could be a great solution for you. Contrary to the E Series traditional landscape orientation, the Flyer is a more vertically oriented screen. It has many use cases and features, which we’ll cover below.

Flyer Series Use Cases

Our Flyer Series is a LED screen product created to make a large impact on a small scale. It’s perfect for many different scenarios, including:

  • Churches: Add the Flyer to the foyer of your House of Worship for an immediate wow-factor. Or, utilize the Flyer to enhance your worship with videos and graphics.
  • Universities: The Flyer can be used in so many ways for colleges and universities — add them throughout your campus for way finding, put a Flyer in your arena to advertise upcoming games and events, or just about anywhere to send communications to your students.
  • Trade shows: It’s no secret that you want your trade show booth to stand out, and by adding the Flyer Series LED screen or screens, you can do just that. Promote your product/service with eye-catching graphics and attract more traffic to your booth.
  • Corporate Events: When you need to add exposure for your sponsors and partners at corporate events, the Flyer Series can help bring more awareness and attention. Plus, it takes your ordinary retractable banners to a whole new level.

The Flyer Series is not limited to the use cases above — these are just a few examples of how this LED screen can enhance the user experience in a variety of situations.

Top Features of the Flyer Series

This mobile LED screen may be small, but it’s packed with features you’re going to want.

  • Infinity Edge: The Flyer Series is a truly bezel-free screen, with an infinity edge that won’t interfere with your user experience, and allow you to combine multiple units.
  • Built-in Speakers: When audio is needed, the Flyer has the capability to utilize built-in speakers for a streamlined, all-in-one solution.
  • Content Management: The Flyer has its own built-in content management system, allowing you to manage your LED screen from an app. Have multiple Flyers? No problem — there’s a cloud platform which allows you to manage all of your screens in one place.
  • Install Options: Depending on your use, you have the option to hang the Flyer from the ceiling, mount it to the wall, or add a base with wheels for ultimate mobility.
  • Easy Maintenance: This unit is super thin and lightweight, and easy to service. You can use a magnetic tool to remove and replace the LED modules easily and quickly.
  • Touch Functionality: Do you want an interactive LED screen? The Flyer has an add-on feature to allow touch functionality to your LED screen — this creates a truly immersive experience your customers can interact with.
  • Patented Armor Coating: Probably one of the greatest features is the durability to this LED Screen. The entire surface of the module and PCB board is sealed with an epoxy resin coating, protecting it from accidental bumps and collisions. It also makes this LED screen waterproof, dust proof, and anti-static for all situations.

Combine the Flyer for More Possibilities

Are you loving the features and feel like the Flyer is perfect, but you wish it was a little bit bigger? Good news! The Flyer series has the capability to combine up to 6 units together to create a larger, seamless display. Imagine the possibilities of what you can create and use the Flyer for!

Want to Know More?

Check out the full product details by reviewing the specs and dimensions on the Flyer Series overview. If you’re interested in purchasing, feel free to check out the product page, add how many screens and the functionality you want, and purchase directly on our site.

Have questions? Give us a call by reaching out on our Contact page here — our team of experts are ready to help!

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