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A Guide on LED Signage: Where & How to Use it to Your Advantage

With digital technology constantly evolving and on the rise, you cannot ignore using it to your advantage. In such a digital age that we’re currently in, if you are not using LED signage or displays to help attract new customers, you are ignoring so much opportunities.

So how can LED signage be used, and where? We’ll talk about the benefits, plus the best ways to take advantage of LED technology.

What is LED signage?

Custom LED signage are digital LED displays placed in various locations for promotions, information, entertainment, and more. The sheer brightness and quality of LED signage is made to catch your eye. These digital signs are made up of thousands of pixels and LED diodes and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Being completely customizable, the number of digital displays options are endless. Whether you are trying to attract customers to your storefront, elevate your sermons at your house of worship, or informing students on campus, you can utilize digital displays in a multitude of ways.

5 benefits of LED signage

When it comes to investing and utilizing LED signage, there are several benefits you will notice. Here are the top 5 we feel are the true difference makers:

Low maintenance

With modern technology, the LED panels and displays used require very little maintenance and upkeep. They are truly an reliable, easy to use technology that you can continue to use hours and hours with very minimal issues.


The LED display products from Firefly LED are made to last up to 100,000 hours — this makes the lifespan of LED twice the length of LCD. As mentioned prior, the low-to-zero maintenance required AND the benefit of such a long lifespan, make LED signage a great long-term investment.


Look, everyone is looking at some kind of digital display these days — whether that’s their phone, tablet, the TV — you can’t go far without seeing a display. Therefore, if you are not utilizing LED signage, you are losing the opportunity for those eyes to see your business. LED signage gives you this added level of visibility, that you otherwise don’t have.


Another great advantage of LED signage is the low ongoing costs for energy. Even though they are much brighter, LED is very energy-efficient and the technology used dissipates heat more evenly, compared to traditional signage.


Compared to your ordinary signage, where it’s a basic rectangle, with digital displays like LED signage you can create custom configurations to really stand out. This includes custom shapes, curvatures and sharp angles. Plus, you gain much more control over the content, brightness, and usage.

Where LED signage can be used

LED signage is everywhere! From retail to stadiums, and everywhere in between, these displays signs are taking over. The customization and ease of use has helped fast track the popularity of LED signage. 

Utilizing digital signage is bringing new life to the way businesses do things. Let’s take a look at some of the places LED displays are taking it to the next level. 

LED signage for retail

Digital retail signage can be done in so many ways. From window displays to menu boards, digital displays are letting their LED signage speak for them 24/7. The customization allows for the displays to be changed and updated giving customers new experiences. 

When it comes to retail, Firefly LED has several LED panels that would suit you well including:

  • The Flyer Series, a more mobile indoor display, available to mount on wheels, hang, or wall mount.
  • The C Series, a transparent and translucent LED signage panel that’s great for storefronts.
  • The OHB Series, an outdoor LED panel great for creating high-resolution signage that’s viewed closely.

LED signage for higher education 

As our world has shifted to all things digital, it has become harder to captivate an audience. On campuses and universities, students are at the forefront of digital distractions. To combat this, the addition of LED signage and digital displays are sure to grab their attention to send important information, elevate your classrooms and lectures, and promote campus events.

  • E Series is the LED solution for incorporating into your classrooms where you need a mobile and quality display for presentations and lectures.
  • O Series is an outdoor LED signage product that is perfect for mounting to the side of buildings where it won’t be viewed up close.
  • Our M Series comes in both an indoor and outdoor panel, great for mobile displays that you want to change or have custom configurations.

LED signage for house of worship

Beautiful visuals are being added to houses of worship by the implementation of digital displays. There is no better way to share your sermons and messaging than with LED signage. Crafting your own unique digital display for your congregation has never been easier and with our LED products you will be sure to stand out from the crowd. 

  • B Series is a product from Firefly that is tailor-made for the house of worship industry — it’s economical but still a very high quality product.

LED signage for events & venues

From large concerts and sporting events, to trade shows and local community events, digital signs always add value. Custom LED signage is the way to go at any show, and is the only way you can help elevate your brand and entertain your audience.

  • M Series Indoor panel is perfect for touring and trade show displays, which includes features that help with quick setup and easy teardown.

Start utilizing LED signage today

As you’ll see, there are many uses and applications for LED signage, plus so many benefits you can gain in your business. In such a digital age, you are not keeping up with modern technology without investing in LED.

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