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Innovative Content Strategies for Event Promotion Using Outdoor LED Displays

As event organizers and marketers all know, the importance of making a lasting impression on attendees is no easy feat, and one powerful way to achieve this is through engaging visual content.

In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of content ideas for your event, tailored specifically for outdoor LED displays, ranging from stunning static images to interactive elements that encourage attendee participation and excitement. Whether you’re promoting your brand, showcasing event highlights, or facilitating attendee interaction, our aim is to provide you with new, practical tips and inspiration to help you capture your audience.

So, let’s dive in and illuminate your next event promotion with these creative content ideas for your LED display!

Static images & graphics

At first glance, an LED display can seem like a boring, static piece of technology. But shift your train of thought, because outdoor LED displays are a true game-changer — opening a world of possibilities, you just have to know how to use it!

One of the first and easiest ways you can utilize your outdoor LED display for advertising your next event is through the use of static images and graphics.

Their effectiveness stems from several key factors, with one of the most crucial being their ability to deliver clear and concise messaging. High-resolution images and graphics ensure that details are sharp and easily discernible, allowing viewers to grasp information quickly from varying distances and speeds.

Additionally, static images and graphics have the advantage of being visually engaging, capturing the attention of passersby and drawing them closer to explore further. Whether it’s showcasing event schedules, speaker profiles, or sponsor logos, the use of high-resolution static visuals can be used in many ways to enhance visibility.

Video & animation

Now, to take it a step further, we’ll introduce content in a more dynamic visual through video and animation.

Although it can be easy to get carried away with fancy motion graphics, it’s still important to keep it simple — users are distracted by so many digital mediums, that a cluttered and busy display will only be a deterrant.

However, if done properly, video and animation content for your event can go a long way. You can introduce video from last year’s event (if it’s a recurring event), create informational animations to display the event details, or even promotional videos of event highlights or speakers.

As you approach the use of video and animation on your outdoor LED display, there’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Be mindful of the goal: Don’t forget that the main purpose is to draw in people to attend your event, so don’t let your graphics distract from the goal.
  • Consider readability: Ensure that your text and important elements like event data and logo are visible and easy to read for passersby to grasp quickly.
  • Keep it concise: Our attention spans these days are minimal, so keep the video content brief and to the point.

Text based content

In a world where it feels necessary to utilize motion and video, there’s always a place where text-based content is successful, too.

When you’re only relying on text, however, you have to ensure it delivers. By this, we mean hire a professional graphic designer that can create a compelling graphic about your event that is beautifully laid out.

Text-based content ideas for your event can feature various things like event details, including speakers and their bios, or event announcements. Highlight special moments or the schedule of your event, to give readers a glimpse at what all the event will entail.

Much like video, there’s some rules you should abide by for text-based content on your outdoor LED display, including:

  • Use legible fonts: There is zero purpose to advertising your event on an LED display if nobody can read it, so be sure your text is readable!
  • Utilize proper hierarchy: A professional designer will lay the content out so that the most important information is seen and read first — and this is achieved with design hierarchy. If all text content is the same size and color, nobody will know what’s most important!
  • Captivate: Brainstorm captivating headlines that will draw attention to your event, by keeping it concise but intriguing and enticing.

Interactive elements

If you’re wanting to go next-level, you’re going to want to introduce interactive elements on your outdoor LED display. Be prepared though, as this takes advanced knowledge and techniques to execute properly and achieve with success.

One example of interactive content is to implement a QR code for your event. QR codes were popular years ago, but quickly declined in their use — however, since Covid they have made a resurgence and are now a powerful marketing tool.

By incorporating a QR code on your display content, you can invite users to scan it to take several different actions, including links to buy tickets, view more event info, RSVP, or watch a video. There are QR code sites, like Flowcode, that allow you to even track the analytics, such as number of scans, which can help you measure it’s success.

If your outdoor LED display has interactivity in the form of touch screen, you can incorporate so many different elements here to incite action, such as a poll, enter their email for info, or click to watch videos.

When you introduce interactive elements, you take your event marketing to new places, and with a beautiful outdoor LED display, it creates the perfect canvas for doing so.

Social media integration

There’s no question that we all know millions of users are on social platforms every day — so why not take advantage of it? Social media integration on outdoor LED displays for promoting events offers a powerful way to foster community engagement and amplify the event attendance.

By introducing a social media element into your event promotion, you’re drawing users in to use their profiles they already have — which makes the barrier to entry so much lower.

One great example of integrating social media onto your outdoor LED display is to feature a feed of your event hashtag. So every time someone tweets, posts or talks about your event with your designated event hashtag, you can show it on your display. This gives users a sense of validation that others are going too, and talking about it, and can easily incite engagement and interest.

Embracing content for promotion

The landscape of event promotion is continually evolving, and outdoor LED displays offer an exciting way to showcase creativity and innovation.

By exploring a variety of content ideas, event organizers can elevate their promotional efforts to new heights. From static images to interactive elements and social media integration, each component plays a vital role in engaging attendees and amplifying event reach. Embracing these dynamic features not only enhances the attendee experience but also strengthens brand visibility — which is an ongoing goal every business is aiming for.

For your next event promotion, make sure to leverage the impact of outdoor LED displays by unleashing your creativity in new ways.

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