Our Newest Outdoor LED Display: The Lightning Series

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Here at Firefly, we’re constantly working to bring you the latest, most advanced LED technology available. Our latest addition to our LED products is an outdoor LED display that may look familiar to you: the Lightning Series.

Very similar in shape and function to the Flyer Series, the Lightning Series is a sleek, compact LED display made for the outdoors.

Let’s dive into some of it’s features, uses, and capabilities!

Key Features

As we take a look at the new Lightning Series, some of the main key features we’d like to highlight are:

  • Armor Coating: Because it’s an outdoor LED display, the Lightning has the protection it needs for various outdoor elements.
  • Smart Module: The smart module contains the Android Operating System you may already know and use to help navigate and display your content.
  • Front Access: There are access doors to the Lightning display that allow for ease of maintenance.
  • Energy Efficient: At 4000 nits brightness, but only covering an average 562 watts, this display is efficient as ever on energy.
  • High Gray Scale: The deep vivid colors and quality components help deliver a beautiful picture in all aspects of light.
  • Ultra Light: Depending on the size, the Lightning weighs in at 410 to 749 lbs.
  • IP65: The IP65 protection ensures that it’s fully covered for rain, snow, wind, dust and more.

Comes in Multiple Sizes

Keeping our customer in mind, we are offering the Lightning Series display in three different sizes: 65in, 75in and 86in.

At only 3.71 feet wide, and ranging from 6 to 9 feet tall, this display can really make a statement in the smallest of spaces.

Ultra Wide Viewing & High Brightness

Experience unparalleled visibility with the Lightning Series, offering an astonishing 170-degree viewing angle for content delivery from any perspective. With pioneering outdoor flip chip technology ensuring optimal heat dissipation, coupled with up to 4000 nits of brightness, your displays shine brilliantly even in the brightest outdoor settings.

Beyond that, you can enjoy stunning visuals with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio with exceptional accuracy and dynamic range.

Use Cases for the Lightning Series

Now that you’ve learned about some of the main key features for the Lightning Series, let’s talk about where you can take full advantage of it.

Due to it’s favorable size and use, the Lightning Series is perfectly suited for a variety of applications, making it an ideal choice for retail environments, where captivating displays are essential for attracting customers and showcasing products. You can place it in a corridor or near the entry way of your brick-and-mortar to help increase your foot traffic and visibility.

Its sleek design and remarkable presence also make it an excellent solution for wayfinding systems, guiding visitors with clear and dynamic signage in public spaces, campuses, and large venues.

Additionally, its versatility and dynamic capabilities make it a great choice for trade shows, where eye-catching displays are crucial for drawing attention and leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Check out the Lightning Series

Are you interested in learning more about the Lightning Series? You can review the full features, specifications and more photos on the landing page here. Additionally, we have setup the Lightning Series to be purchased directly on our site! You can visit the product page, view pricing, and checkout.

The Lightning Series is just one of our many LED solutions we offer here at Firefly LED, and we hope that you enjoy the newest addition to our innovative lineup.

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