Unveiling the LED Displays at Cannery Hall

Cannery Hall‘s history begins in 1883 as a flour mill in Nashville, TN — transitioning through several industries over the years, including a coffee mill and a food processing plant. In 1981, it was transformed into a country-style restaurant and entertainment venue, evolving into a pivotal space for music and culture, hosting genres from country to rock.

Over time, Cannery Hall became a complex with multiple music venues, where it now stands as a staple of Nashville’s famous music scene.

With it’s deep rooted history that spans over a century, every corner tells a story at Cannery Hall, and now, with the installation of our state-of-the-art LED displays, those stories are coming alive like never before.

From the iconic Mainstage to the intimate spaces of The Mil and Row One Stage, our commitment to elevating the experiences knows no bounds.

Let’s take a deeper look at how our LED displays have transformed this legendary venue.


The Mainstage space at Cannery Hall is a testament to the power of innovation and creativity. With its iconic red brick walls and exposed ceilings, Mainstage has long been the beating heart of Cannery Hall. With a large capacity to hold over 1200 people, it needed a statement that was large enough to speak to the ones in the back.

And now, with the addition of an immersive, nearly 50 foot LED video wall built with Firefly LED’s M Series, that power is taken to new heights. Mainstage was transformed into a visual masterpiece — a space carefully crafted to captivate and inspire, and complement any type of event. From the sweeping length of the stage paired with the curves of the LED display, Mainstage became more than just a venue — it’s became a sought after experience to attend.

Upstairs at Cannery Hall, you’ll find The Mil and Row One Stage—two additional spaces that are unique to their own.

The Mil

The Mil has played host to everything from local acts to touring sensations. Capping at 625 people, the Mil is the perfect venue for mid-level bands looking to combine the intimacy of a smaller room, with innovative technology.

Now, with Firefly LED’s indoor M Series display, the stage is set for endless possibilities. Whether it’s a private event or a live performance, the M Series 3.9mm displays ensure that every moment shines bright, captivates audiences, and helps bring the artist’s vision full circle

Row One Stage

Nestled opposite The Mil, Row One Stage offers a more intimate setting in comparison with a capacity of only 300. With the LED displays, backed again by the 3.9mm M Series, the performances held at Row One are taken to a new level. Whether you’re enjoying cocktails at the bar or swaying to the music, the video wall transforms every moment into a work of art.

Setting a New Standard with Firefly LED

With its robust features and premium-grade components, the M Series sets a new standard of excellence in the market. Perfectly suited for touring, trade shows, corporate events, and a myriad of other functions, it effortlessly combines portability with uncompromising quality.

We’re proud to bring that standard to life, like we did at Cannery Hall, ensuring that every performance is a masterpiece in motion.

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