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Client Story: Freedom Church in Gallatin, TN

“It’s taking service to new heights for us!” said Pastor Terrell of Freedom Church, located in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Before coming to Firefly LED, Freedom Church was utilizing outdated projector screens that were low quality, hard to see, and not up to par with what they wanted. Wanting his place of worship to represent the same quality and vivid interaction people are getting on a daily basis from their phones and devices, Pastor T decided to elevate his services with a new LED video wall.

This LED video wall installed at Freedom church is utilizing the B Series — a tailor made product by Firefly LED for the house of worship industry. The LED wall measures 25 feet wide by 14 feet tall, with a pixel pitch of 3mm.

The B Series is an economical LED product, to allow those in places of worship to afford to invest in LED technology, and still reap the many benefits it brings, such as vivid color contrast, high brightness, and an excellent refresh rate. Plus, for ongoing ease of mind, the B Series is very easy to maintain and setup, so it’s a “set it and forget it” type of feeling.

Because of the added benefits of having an LED wall vs a projector, it truly makes for a more immersive environment in a house of worship. “Whatever background we put up there, as far as when I am sharing and doing the teaching, being in front of it makes it so much more real for people,” shared Pastor T.

Through the advanced sending controller, Freedom Church has the capability to swap out the content on the LED video wall for every hymn and sermon weekly, and even during service, depending on the topic or song that might be occurring. And when it comes to technology, user-friendly is of utmost importance. Pastor T says, “The way we can plug the artwork in, is really easy. It’s user-friendly as far as the technical side of it.”

During worship, Freedom Church pairs their new audio system with their LED display to place song lyrics on the screen so that the congregation can follow along, thus creating more interaction and a better following for the service itself. The flexibility in this use of the content creates a constantly evolving use of media that can go beyond just service – this can be in terms of social media, YouTube and other promotional materials you can create.

As you can see in the highlighted images, Freedom Church takes advantage of the creative ability to create assets that look modern, beautiful, and really elevate their Sunday sermons.

If you’re currently using a projector screen and investing in LED is an uncertainty for your house of worship at this time, “LED screen vs a projector, even a laser projector that we had, LED hands down makes the whole worship experience much brighter,” Pastor T explains. “A lot of the church family has commented that (the LED screen) has made a huge difference in their visual worship.”

We appreciate Freedom Church for supporting Firefly LED and our products — if you’re interested in learning more about what LED can do for your house of worship, get in touch.

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