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Ways to Partner with Firefly LED in 2023

Are you in a position that you need reliable, quality LED display products? If you’re an AV Integrator, Architecture firm, or another dealer, Firefly LED would love to work with you!

So what exactly does that look like, and how can we help? Let’s explain.

As an AV Integrator

AV integrators, also known as audio-visual integrators, are companies or individuals that specialize in designing and installing audio-visual systems for various applications, such as conference rooms, classrooms, houses of worship, retail or other settings. These systems often include LED displays as a key component, and AV integrators work closely with LED display companies to ensure that the displays they install meet the specific needs and requirements of their clients.

Here at Firefly LED, we partner with several different AV companies across the country that work with us and utilize our LED solutions for their end clients. We work with you on the entire process, from sourcing and procurement all the way to post-installation and support.

Beyond our cutting-edge technology, and top-notch support, we provide all of our AV integrator dealers with a special promo code offering a discount on our LED display products.

With that promo code, you can utilize our LED Screen Builder to price your project right on the spot.

As an Architecture Firm

Are you a large scale architecture firm that works on utilizing modern-day technologies in your design? Firefly LED would love to partner with you, so you can take advantage of your vast opportunities in creating immersive LED experiences that compliment your masterpieces.

By partnering with us, we’ll work with you hand-in-hand in the very early stages to ensure that we create an LED display or video wall that will fit the exact specs and requirements you have in mind. Custom solutions are no stranger for us, as we can manufacture just about anything for you.

We know that creating an extra wow-factor in your creations is a must, and LED technology can provide just that.

Why should you trust Firefly LED?

We know that choosing a reliable LED partner is not an easy feat — but here at Firefly, we are striving to change that.

We have designed our products with industry leading hardware, which limits the amount of potential failures and extends the life of each product. This includes flip-chip technology, and patented armor coatings.

We believe in operating as efficiently as possible, focusing our efforts and energy on what really matters to our clients.

Beyond that, we have decades of experience in the LED field, including from not just a sales standpoint, but hands-on technical experience as well. We live and breathe LED technology, and understand what it takes to deliver a product that will create a lasting impression.

To learn more and apply to become a partner with us, check out our Partner page.

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