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What LED Solutions Does Firefly LED Offer?

If you’re in the market for investing in LED, and Firefly LED is at the top of your list, you might be wondering what all does Firefly offer when it comes to LED solutions?

From LED video walls, to mobile LED displays on wheels, Firefly LED offers an array of technology suited for your project.

Let’s take a look at the LED solutions below.

LED Video Walls

The core of the Firefly LED products, an LED video wall is a large LED display made up of individual LED panels. These LED panels are composed of thousands of LED diodes, with varying pixel pitches and sizes.

With an LED video wall, you can utilize it to display text, ,videos, images and so much more dynamic content to capture the attention of your customers.

When it comes to LED video walls, you have to decide what kind of environment it will be mounted or used in so you can choose the right LED product.

Indoor LED Panels

If your LED video wall will be mounted indoors, you’ll want to pay close attention to just the Indoor LED panels. When it comes to our lineup of Indoor LED solutions, you’ll find quite a few different options. From our premier A Series, to the economic B Series, plus a mobile and transparent option, there’s an Indoor LED panel for any application.

Outdoor LED Panels

On the contrary, if you are looking to install and LED video wall outdoors, you will primarily want to be looking at the Outdoor LED panels. We caution you to not use any Indoor LED product in an outdoor environment. Outdoor LED panels specifically are built for environmental issues like sun, rain, wind and dust so it can keep your LED video wall protected. With IP65 ratings, patented armor coating, and superior quality, the Outdoor LED solutions by Firefly LED are top of the line.

Digital LED Signage

In addition to the LED video walls, Firefly LED can assist you in creating digital signage. LED signage can be used in commonplaces like Houses of Worship, retail stores, on college campuses, and so much more. In this century, with the advanced technology available to you, taking advantage of LED display technology is a must.

Plus, with our custom LED solutions, we can design a LED signage display that’s shaped like your logo or shape of choice.

Custom LED Solutions

Does your typical LED video wall not suit what you have in mind? Firefly LED has the capability to work with you on designing a custom-shaped, unique LED solution. From oblong shapes, to a custom logo, the possibilities for LED technology have no limits.

We utilize our existing products to manufacture your design and ideas into a reality, helping achieve the quality, look and display you’re looking for. Check out more about our custom LED solutions here.

LED Sending Controllers

Did you know that every LED video wall and display needs a particular device to send the content to it? Just like you need a Blu-Ray player to play your Blu-Ray disc on your TV, you need a LED sending controller to display the content on your LED video wall.

At Firefly LED, we provide the best sending controllers to our customers, that provide the features and inputs you need — like HDMI, USB, DVI, and DP. Resolution also varies per controller, so be sure you know what kind of resolution your LED display can handle to produce the best quality picture possible.

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