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What is a LED Sending Controller?

sending controller for led display

You may have heard about sending controllers — whether you’re looking into investing in LED video walls, or maybe online. But you aren’t exactly sure what a sending controller is and what it’s used for? We’ll go over the basics, and highlight a few different ones we utilize here at Firefly LED. What is a Sending … Read more

Pixel Pitch Perfect

Firefly LED - Indoor LED Display - A Series Application

We have had some questions around pixel pitch recently, so we thought it would be helpful to discuss what is pixel pitch and how it affects LED screens.  What is pixel pitch? When referring to LED video walls, panels or screens, a pixel is each individual LED. Each pixel has a number associated with the … Read more

LED vs LCD: Comparing the Key Differences for Your Display

Firefly LED - Outdoor LED Display - O Series Application

Before investing in a larger digital video wall you should know the difference between LED and TV wall displays. The truth is, there are pros and cons to both — they each provide a high-definition picture, but work a little differently depending on the placement and primary usage. Although LCD has been a front runner … Read more