Unveiling the LED Displays at Cannery Hall

Cannery Hall‘s history begins in 1883 as a flour mill in Nashville, TN — transitioning through several industries over the years, including a coffee mill and a food processing plant. In 1981, it was transformed into a country-style restaurant and entertainment venue, evolving into a pivotal space for music and culture, hosting genres from country to … Read more

5 Tips for Utilizing Outdoor LED Displays for Advertising Effectively

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world of advertising, capturing the attention of potential customers has become increasingly challenging. With outdoor LED displays gaining popularity as a dynamic advertising medium, businesses are constantly seeking ways to maximize their impact in the outdoor environment. From city streets to shopping centers and event venues, outdoor LED displays offer … Read more

Introducing the New B Series LED Display

Firefly LED is starting out the year with a lineup of new products and improvements (more to come!), and we’ll kick this off by announcing our new B Series! Our newest product adds to our impressive lineup of indoor led displays, diversifying your options for investing in LED. Let’s take a deeper look at the … Read more

LED Display Case Studies: A Look at Our Work

LED displays are constantly being applied in new and innovative ways, and make the evolution of technology exciting to follow. Here at Firefly LED, we have a true passion for introducing businesses to LED display technology, and seeing the amazing results take place. LED walls have the ability to transform spaces, educate, inform and generate … Read more

Indoor vs Outdoor LED Displays: A Closer Look

LED displays: the modern-day beacons of visual communication. But what sets apart the dazzling screens indoors from their robust outdoor counterparts? In this post, we’ll dive in and take a closer look at indoor vs outdoor LED displays. From lightweight architecture, to a fine pixel pitch and weather-proof exteriors, we’ll uncover the true differences between … Read more