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The Rundown on the O Series & OHB Series

Our LED series have so many unique qualities and features! Let’s talk about our premier outdoor LED options — the O Series and the OHB Series. 

The O Series is ideal for scoreboards, outdoor signage, advertising, digital architectural elements, outdoor venues, and more. If you need a larger display outdoors when viewers are not in close proximity, the O Series is what you need.

One of the standout features in the O series is the Nichia LED Diodes. Nichia’s LEDs have contributed to the evolution of full-color displays. Today, Nichia’s LEDs are used in various places around the world such as advertising displays in big cities, information boards in transportation facilities, concert venues, and electronic scoreboards in stadiums. Firefly utilizes Nichia as one of the primary LED diode suppliers for our outdoor LED displays. Read more about the features of this incredible display. 

The OHD series is ideal when viewers are closer in proximity to the display. These are a great addition to restaurants/bars, amenity decks, outdoor advertising, wayfinding and any digital display outdoors. Read more about the specs to see if this will work for you. 

Both systems utilize a unique identification technology called Smart Modules. The Smart Module auto-calibrates, stores calibration data, and synchronizes your settings. This allows for a perfectly calibrated display with a push of the button. 

Which one works best for you? If you’re unsure and would like to chat with a Firefly LED specialist, get in touch!

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