The Do’s & Don’ts of Indoor LED Displays

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With the cold, winter months upon us, it’s important to take advantage of indoor LED displays. Capturing your customer’s attention in new and inviting ways with LED isn’t as easy as installing a new display — you’ve got to ensure you’ve got all the right pieces in place to use your LED display to it’s full potential.

Do: Optimize your content

There’s nothing like having a new high quality LED display, but that will not matter if you do not put some thought into what you plan on displaying. After all, that is what your viewers will see (and the reason for your LED display to begin with!).

LED displays are unique in that they are extremely bright, have very high contrast ratios, and you can get very creative with your LED screen designs. Working with your team or an outside organization to help you build out your content to correctly fit your display and truly understanding resolutions is very important. This is also important in choosing the other components you plan on connecting to the LED displays. 

For example, if you go with a 4k LED video wall, all of your other AV components need to be able to meet or exceed that resolution. LED displays are also much darker than other video options, allowing you to create a more immersive and engaging experience with the correct content. Other recent advancements in 3D, Sensors, and technology in general have opened up new and engaging ways to capture your audience. Make sure you are working with the right experts to help you really take advantage of what your LED display’s capabilities.

Don’t: Choose the wrong pixel pitch

Choosing the wrong pixel pitch can be detrimental to your LED display. Why? In short, the pixel pitch of your LED display determines the distance between each LED diode. How you choose the proper pixel pitch is determined by the viewing distance of your customers as well as the overall size of the LED Display. There are some general guidelines in the industry, and one of the more popular equations is to multiply approximately 3 feet (or 1 meter) by the pixel pitch, and that is your recommended minimum viewing distance.

For example, a 3mm display has a recommended minimum viewing distance of about 10 feet. Keep in mind, that is the point at which the human eye probably cannot make out the individual pixels, but it’s not an exact science. When going with a smaller display like for a trade show, in many cases you will need to go up in resolution, because you are limiting the amount of pixels (resolution) you have on your display.

The opposite is the case when going with a very large display. Typically viewers would be further back because of the larger size, and you are now giving yourself more pixels (resolution) to work with. This may allow you to go with a little lower resolution display, saving cost, and making content easier to manage.

Do: Proper placement

In your establishment, it’s easy to want to fill a blank space on your wall that’s already available — but is it really the right spot for an LED video display? Think about the content you’ll be displaying on your screen, how your customers/audience will be viewing it, and at what point in their journey will allow for maximum impact.

For retail, do you want a large-format LED screen behind the checkout? Or would you prefer to promote your new products and promotions on the sales floor, or storefront to drive more traffic into your business? In a house of worship, many times the LED screen is utilized as much for broadcast as it is for in person worship. Obviously your screen placement in that scenario is very important to allow you to maximize both scenarios. 

Creative options like transparent solutions and custom shapes and curvatures can also add more “wow” factor to your LED display, and maybe allow you to place them in areas you did not initially think about. Be sure you thoroughly think this through, to ensure you’re choosing the right placement.

Don’t: Display unnecessary or incorrect content

Again, your content is truly what makes or doesn’t make your LED display stand out. Don’t put content on your LED display that is secondary or unimportant to their experience. Your indoor LED video wall investment was made to capture your audience. Use this valuable real estate to put up only relevant and necessary information that will convert and engage you audience. 

Understanding what is going to look best in your displays environment is very important. Colors, font sizes, movement, and brightness can all play a factor in the overall experience. Other environmental factors such as time of year and weather can certainly affect the way your display is perceived (think: sun direction into the window for glares and shadows). All of these factors need to be considered when deciding what you will display.

Do: Use Firefly LED screens

Ok, we know this sounds bias — but Firefly LED proudly carries only the highest quality products that are made to last. Investing in LED Displays can be a larger upfront expense, so there’s no reason to obtain a lower quality screen that won’t be noticed, durable, or as easy to maintain & install as what we offer. From patented armor coatings, to best-in-class LED diodes, and the latest in LED technology advancements, the indoor LED panels offered by Firefly are something you should highly consider to ensure you are getting the most out of your display.

Don’t: Use the wrong LED

Here at Firefly LED, our indoor LED solutions all have their strengths and best applications. Can they all be used in most scenarios? Yes, but just like you wouldn’t use a phillips screwdriver for a flat head screw, you shouldn’t use the B Series if you’re looking for curvature or custom configurations. Once you’ve decided your placement, viewing distance, and how you’ll use the LED display, this will help you decide on the best indoor LED panel. Check out our in-depth post on which LED panels are best for you.

So there you have it, the do’s and don’ts of using indoor LED displays to maximize your investment and customer engagement. Take advantage of our LED Screen Builder and get an instant quote, or reach out to the team of experts at Firefly for help!

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