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The Ins & Outs of Indoor LED Displays

When it comes to obtaining and narrowing down your options for an LED display, the first question you have to answer is: will it be indoors or outdoors? This is the most important factor to decide on initially, as you will need specific features that each provide on the respective installation environments.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk all about indoor LED displays, including what they are, where they’re used, advantages, and a few options to consider.

What is an Indoor LED Display?

An indoor LED display is part self explanatory — it is an LED screen of various shapes and sizes that is made for installation and use in indoors only. It can be used and seen in various places, such as banks, retail stores, museums, churches, and more.

An indoor LED display typically is made up of durable materials to withstand any bumps and scratches that could be caused from installation or accidents.

Additionally, with various pixel pitches and panel sizes, you can create an indoor LED display of varying sizes and quality.

Where can an Indoor LED Display be used?

As you might imagine, the possibilities for where you can place an indoor led display is virtually endless. We’ve outlined some of the industries that we see a huge return on investment for utilizing indoor LED displays, but how and where you can apply it is not limited to just these areas.


With e-commerce scaling to new heights over the past several years, gaining attention in retail is more crucial than ever. With an indoor LED retail display, you can capture passersby attention with bright, vivid, and beautiful content on an LED display. Better yet, utilize the display to revolve new products, sales, and promotions you have going on.

With transparent LED displays you can put in the window, or smaller mobile display on wheels, there are multiple indoor led display options to consider for retail.

Trade shows & conventions

If you’ve ever been to a trade show or convention, you know how crowded they get in the sea of vendors and attendees. Adding a mobile LED display that has quick and easy setup and teardown will help you elevate your trade show booth above the competition.

Utilize an indoor LED display as a backdrop, or place it in front to draw more attention — either way, paired with engaging content, your booth will be one to visit.

House of worship

Houses of worship these days are looking for ways to take their sermons to new heights. With LED technology, you can utilize an indoor LED display to create a more immersive experience for your congregation.

Whether you’re displaying lyrics to a hymn, or adding complimentary content for an aesthetically pleasing experience, you can mount or hang an LED display in your house of worship.

Hospitality & Transportation

You might see a pattern here, but anywhere that you are looking to draw attention or gain new customers, is an opportunity to utilize an indoor LED display. Hospitality, like hotel lobbies, are no exception — where you can create an LED video wall behind the front desk for a true wow-factor.

Or, in airports, bus stations and train stations, you can implement LED displays for wayfinding and flight timing to keep your travelers informed.


In higher education, you have thousands of students that need to be notified — what better way than to do that with an indoor LED display. In food courts, student lounges, and gyms, you can install an LED display for signage, important messages, or campus updates with a click of a button.

Advantages of Indoor LED Displays

If you’re trying to decide on whether you want to make the investment in LED technology, and if it makes sense for your business, more than likely the answer is yes, you should.

In today’s environment, businesses that aren’t taking advantage of technology to attract and interact with their customers are only falling behind. Here’s a few advantages you’d expect when you invest in a new indoor LED display.

  • Long-lasting: the LED displays made by Firefly LED last up to 100,000 hours — up to 10x the amount of an old LCD display.
  • Energy-efficient: Contrary to what you might think, even with such high brightness and quality, an LED display is very energy-efficient so it’s easy on the electric bills.
  • Low maintenance: One of the greatest things about LED displays is they’re very easy to maintain, and require little-to-no ongoing maintenance.
  • Customizable: If you’re wanting a custom shape or design, you can! You are not limited to just a traditional rectangular, rigid shapes — logos, curves, and more.
  • High quality: With various pixel pitches available, LED displays are very high quality with excellent pictures.

Where to get an Indoor LED Display

Here at Firefly LED, we offer a lineup of indoor LED displays for all types of applications. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we offer and what they’re known for:

  • A Series: The A Series is our premier indoor LED display panel, with all the latest improvements in LED technology.
  • C Series: This is our transparent LED panel, great for use in retail or corporate spaces with large windows for foot traffic attention.
  • B Series: Tailor-made for the house of worship industry, the B Series is our more economical panel with the features you need.
  • E Series: An all-in-one LED screen perfect for classrooms or meeting rooms to replace your LCD screen with updated technology.
  • Flyer Series: A slender LED display great for placing on wheels and placing around areas for wayfinding and signage.
  • M Series: Our mobile LED display panel with features you’d want for easy setup and teardown when taking your display on the road.

Get an Indoor LED Display today

We’ve covered all the important factors of Indoor LED displays, including what they are, how and where you can use them, plus additional advantages you can expect.

The longer you wait to invest in an indoor LED display for your business, the more opportunities you’re missing out on.

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